Self-Love 101

Welcome to a self-love teaching that you’ll never forget.

Before I get started, I want you to save this link/post. Email it to yourself until you finally put it all into practice. Please remember as you master one area you’ll fall short in another area. That’s normal. Once you master a new area, you’ll struggle to add them together. That’s normal. You’ll feel powerful and strong and then you’ll face a new aspect of yourself that needs healing, closure, clarity, and movement. You’ll feel confused, concerned and other emotions that bring the mind and body discomfort. That’s normal. Sit there and feel the discomfort without medicating the emotional struggle if possible. Feel it and smile. Sit in the thoughts that ache you and then smile. Master the discomfort by sitting with it and building a relationship with it. You can’t get to know your discomfort unless you spend time with yourself and sit in it. Heal it. Play with it. Work with it. Speak to it. Speak to the previous version of you that experienced it. Let your previous self speak to you. Let your future self speak to you. All the part of you have something to tell you. But, the distractions of life hinder your relationship with yourself.

Once you learn and understand self-love, you’ll never date anyone who doesn’t understand it or put in into practice. You won’t want to anyway. If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t put the below information into practice or even understands it, send them here, and or be the example and teacher.


Self-Love: Two part explanation made whole

Self-Love - Main Facility

  • Maintaining Your Mind - Mental Health

  • Maintaining Your Body - Nutition and Fitness

  • Maintaining Your Spirit - Higher Self

Self-Love - Outer Facility

  • Your Relationship with People

  • Your Relationship with Places

  • Your Relationhsip with Things

When people have self-love they’re able to give a different kind of love than the one we’re used to sharing with one another. It is in that love that we formulate the enhancement of more of it and can give of the overflow of what already exist.

Self-Love - Main Facility

The main facility is you. It’s all about you. This is about you maintaining all of you and then you can extend that to the outer facility which encompasses your relationship with people, places and things. Let’s break down what you need to know about your relationship with the Self.

Maintain Your Mind

Your mental health is top priority. If you’re not well in your mind your body and house will have a bumpy ride. I’m sure you’d prefer a smoother ride through life. A smarter way I can only imagine.

Here is what your mind/brain needs to survive and thrive:

  • Hydration: Without water and hydration within the circulation of blood flow, your mind will not think as clearly. Your mood will decrease and a healthy mind makes healthy decisions when it’s hydrated with water and nutrients of healthy foods. If you want your main frame to produce data (direction, understanding, flow), you’ll need to keep it functioning properly.

  • Meditation: There are tons of meditations exercises you can use to enhance the mind and manifestation. However, one in particular is called mindful. I can teach about the others another time. Right now, the mindful meditation can be of service to you. It is where your mind won’t stop and continue saying things, showing images and plays past, present, and future content that either will make sense to you or not. It doesn’t matter. Just filter through and grab what makes sense to you. What is it repeating in your head? That’s the real concern. It’s showing you things. It will show you other things that don’t make sense. Don’t worry about that silliness. Continue to keep your eyes closed until more information is presented. Write down whatever is important to know; and release the rest. The mind has a way of telling you what its unfinished business it has left to review. You may need a professional to help you with this. This is great in a therapy session with a physician or coach that has self-love and understands its use in maintaining a healthy long life.

  • Resolve: There are issues and concerns in the mind. They need resolution. Your inner fears and concerns have a sentence or thought process that you’ll receive from the above meditation.

  • Physiology Change: In a session we change your physiology through a numerous amounts of exercise catered specifically to allow your mind to receive the perception change and behavior change you long to cultivate. If you once struggled with this before, I’ll make it very easy for you to transform.

Maintain Your Heart

  • You’re heart has unresolved feelings and beliefs that also dwell in the subconscious of the mind. It works hand in hand together. If you’re heart has unresolved issue it will manifest through people, places and things. Within those continued experiences, you’ll see how the unresolved issues sit in the subconscious as to bring more of the same or other things that those beliefs may bring about. Some you’ll enjoy and some you’ll want to run from. Once you work through those by asking your mind to make sense of an emotion that has manifested you’ll be able to proceed.

  • Hydration + nutrition plays a role in the amount of stress and hydration the heart receives to keep the life you have reaching full capacity.

Maintain Your Body

  • Nutrition and hydration keep the body running smoother and healthier. You’re whole being runs on what you put into it.

  • People, places and things say and do and make you feel some kind of way. Be mindful of what you allow to go in through your eye gate, ears, soul, mind, and heart. It is your job to care for yourself. You are responsible for yourself.

  • Fitness and exercise is needed to maintain organ and muscle function. It helps to extend the life expectancy of the body. Start with walking and or create an easy to follow plan to get you started in the right direction.

Self-Love - Outer Facility

There is much more we can cover. Start understanding the maintenance of the body by continuing to review the above information. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime and ask any questions. I’ll be back here and there to update this post. Sending you all light and love!


Self-Love Songs: Think of Yourself when you play these songs. You’ll be tempted to think of someone else. There’s plenty of time for that. Think of yourself first. Feel this way about yourSelf in this way. Think of these things about yourself. Be this way with yourself. Then you will find the truth and the truth will set you free. You’ll understand safe and unsafe people. You’ll understand the quality of love and you’ll be able to give it to others. You’ll even hurt less people because the love you encompass you can now extend out.

Celibacy + Sleepovers: Can The Two Coexist?

Smart Love Moves IG Question

Welcome to the Smart Love Moves Family!

Something happens to the body after 9pm. It’s more susceptible to behaviors you’re more prone to saying yes to. Be wise and create boundaries that will allow you to follow through to whatever temporary or permanent goal you have in mind. The person who asked this question said out of ALL the sleepovers they had during their celibacy only 2 of those times they refrained from sexual interaction. The more you place yourself in testing those boundaries the higher the chance for falling short of meeting your own goal and expectations. Be well.

Thank you for joining me here on Smart Love Moves!

With Love,


Self-Friendship Is Where Its At...

The Stranger Within

Have you ever experienced daja vu? Have you ever heard about the higher self? Have you ever heard of the verbiage, ‘You have a spirit.’ Have you experienced a growth in consciousness? Then you’ve encountered the terminology united in explanation to the stranger within. Congratulations. You’ve met your higher self (aka your spirit).

spirit higher self

You may have heard, “The best relationship you will ever have is the one that you have with yourself.” The more introspection and closure you provide for yourSelf, the closer you will become with your higher self. The clearer direction will be for your relationships, business dealings, and important life decisions.

By visiting your past, accepting the present and being hopeful toward your future, you remain in a state of growth. Likes and dislikes stem from environment and social exposure. It is the realm of the physical and in turn provides clues as to what is for you and what isn’t during this moment in time and possibly for as long as you may be in the body.

the stranger within

Take time to provide solitude for yourself with yourself. Heal wounds that the body and soul (mind, will, emotions) has experienced. Liberate your higher self. It needs to thrive in a safe environment, and you provide that safety when you close doors that need to be closed, heal wounds and experiences that need to heal, and encourage and allow hope to ignite a pleasure in you.

The stranger within doesn’t have to be a stranger at all. Strangers are estranged when they don’t speak, interact, have quality time together, and offer growth opportunities during any one interaction. Meet yourSelf. Introduce yourSelf to yourSelf and start there. Self-friendship is where its at.

With Love,

Your Smart Love Moves Family

How To Enter The Body - The Power Of Now

Inspired by The Power of Now - A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Have an open mind. Don’t attach yourself to any one word. This will hinder you from receiving clarity. If you have downloaded the audio, allow the audio to visit chapter 6 and follow the titles below.

Steps to entering the body: Being in the inner-body

  • Forgive p119

  • Let the breath take you into the body p125

  • The art of listening p126

  • Going deeply into the body p129


Entering the body - Forgive p119

  • If emotions rise up, consider the topic of the emotion and its root. Write it down. Leave it alone for now. Observe the emotion if one is present, that is all.

  • Allow emotions to rise up and identify the emotion, not so much the topic it is attached to. Read the second paragraph on page 120 (chapter 6). This is very important.

  • Forgive people and yourself for any wrong doing, mishaps, agitations, discomforts. This will help you get closer to yourself and will help you protect yourself more from other people, places and things that don’t serve you.

  • Are you feeling blame, self-pity, or resentment that is feeding the emotion? If so, it means you haven’t forgiven. Your mind may refuse to accept a past, present or future. Continue reading p120 for more clarity (chapter 6).

  • Forgiveness is to offer no resistance to life. The alternative is pain an suffering and it can lead to physical disease.

the power of now

Entering the body - Let The Breath Take You Into The Body p125

  • If it is hard to get into your inner body (spirit/higher self), and or have many thoughts that won’t allow you to connect, just focus on your breathing. Each breath will pull you closer and closer to your higher self.

  • Breathe into the body, and feel the abdomen expanding and contracting. Read more in detail on p125 (chapter 6).

the power of now

Entering the body - The Art of Listening p126

  • The mind may interfere when listening to others. Listen in your body, don’t listen with your mind. This takes the attention away from thinking and allows you to think with your inner self. It is a gift that you can give the other person. Because you get to listen to what they are truly saying. You’ll be listening to what really matters (p126-126, chapter 6).

how to enter the body

Entering the body - Going Deeply Into The Body p129

  • Make going into the body a form of meditation. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and become aware of the inner body, the inner energy field of the body. There is a light visualization that Tolle speaks of in this chapter. Follow those queues (chapter 6).

  • When you feel the inner energy as a single energy, let go. Drop any mental image of the physical body.Take your attention into that feeling and merge with it, so there is no duality of the observer and the observed, as Tolle says in chapter 7 (p130).

  • Look at your surroundings for a few minutes in a meditative way, without labeling them in your mind. Continue to feel the inner body as you do so.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, reach out!

With Love,


Stress + Coping + Adult Development

Stress, coping, and development are intertwined and as connected as twin babies being born. One comes before the other yet they are both spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically connected beyond comprehension. Strategy marks the point to create Smart (self) Love Moves for yourself during a time of stress. Across your lifespan you’ll experience stress or stressful situations that call for strategy.

Observing the different patterns of change as well as the conceptualization and the measurement of stress and coping are valuable in a therapy session. Taking time to evaluate this on your own also marks a benchmark to experiencing relief. At times this can be a bit complex to decipher - do your best and leave the rest up to a physician.

Vulnerability of stress can occur later in life. In addition, stress can contribute to late-life adaptability. It can also manifest due to the instigation of forming personal development in adulthood. As we mature and age, we realize that there are some areas that can use personal development. It is much like going backwards to learn what we probably should have learned as children and during school age times. This process is called post traumatic or stress-related growth (SRG).

Development trends exist for the positive and negative effects of stress and coping processes. I’ve studied these trends and can conclude that negative and positive responses are connected to strategies each individual uses.

When stress occurs become an observer, be vulnerable and develop a plan.

stress and coping


There is a strategy for this one stressor…

There are 4 types of stressors most commonly assessed:

  • Trauma

  • Life events

  • Daily stressors

  • Chronic stress

Trauma + Aging

Trauma refers to a mental disorder, dis ease and discomfort in thought and in the mind. All causing a disassociation of some sort. The frequency of the impact vary by age (American Psychiatric Association, 1994).

Trauma events that involve serious threat to life or physical integrity to yourself or friend family brings about stress. Types of trauma can come from being a victim to a person’s behavior and or being a victim of a crime. Trauma also includes exposure to a natural or man-made disaster.

PTSD is experienced after the trauma has been concluded during each and every exposure. An example would be, Holocaust survivors may show a better adaptation than those in heavy combat. The difference may also be in part to selective survivorship. However, Aldwin, Levenson, and Spiro (1994) found that perceiving positive aspects of military services may decrease the long-term effects of PTSD. The syndrome characteristics are the following:

  • Startle reactions

  • Irritability and numbness

  • Sleep disorders

  • Depression

  • Flashbacks

  • Intrusive memories

  • Anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure


One step in the right direction is what’s needed.

Life Events

Stressful life event (SLE) scales are assessed. The variants of each event requires adaptational change and mental, emotional and psychical perceptions. As most researchers know, negative events are more associated with health symptoms. A life event may include the change in social roles. Often times our role changes in a social setting, such as at work, with friends, colleagues, partnerships, relationships, etc.

Some might think that older adults have more life stressors due to illness, bereavement, and other losses. It is quite a paradox. An early review by Rabkin and Struening (1976) that older adults show fewer life stresses than young adults.

The following life stresses occur in younger adults:

  • Marriages

  • Divorce

  • Births

  • Graduations

  • Education

  • Job loss

  • Family care giving (in middle aged adults)

Middle aged and older adults show no difference in stress exposures.

Slow + Steady

wins the race…

Daily Stressors

Here are some daily stressors:

  • Getting stuck in a traffic jam

  • Having an argument with a partner

  • Having an argument with a family, friend, colleague or stranger

  • Children who are temporarily ill and need to stay home from school

  • Aging pets (family members)

  • Other silliness we can do without. The annoying types even….

We call these hassles. Older men reported fewer hassles than middle-aged men. Older men reported health related hassles. Middle-aged men reported problems with work and or children. Back to older adults as a whole… Older adults were reported to be less reactive to these types of events. There is an increase in losses and health outcomes and a surprising decrease in hassles. but, this decrease may reflect the change in roles.

Even in writing this I begin thinking about two of my clients that are more attracted to middle-aged men. My clients are in their 60’s. I think of them because I now wonder if a middle-aged man would suit them. With small children and busy work schedules, middle-aged men, depending on how old their children are and what flexibility they have may or may not work for my clients. The two clients I am thinking of create their own work schedule, so they are very flexible and have children who are very much independent. I just needed to pin that thought somewhere and well, I’ve decided to mentally pin this thought here.


Is done gracefully and delivers with it peace and gratitude.

Chronic Stress + Aging

In a stress health relationship, chronic role strain is an important disruption in relationships such as marriage, work, and parenting. Within all stress categories, chronic is of the up most researched among older adults. Some argue that chronic stress may accelerate the aging process by as much as 10 years through the effects of chromosomes and on the immune system, as well as inflammatory process.

There is no evidence that chronic stress is more common is either younger or older adults.

Common stresses are:

  • Poverty

  • Job stress

  • incarceration Caregiving for a disabled child

It is important to limit or end (if possible). Working with a professional can help you use coping styles and skills to accommodate with the stress you’re experiencing.

Coping Styles and Approaches

Psychological coping efforts are used to modify thoughts and feelings. Behavioral coping efforts are the movements and actions that affects stressors.

Here are 3 main approaches that are used:

  • Psychoanalytic approaches

  • Coping styles (emotion + problem focused)

  • Process approaches

These approaches are used and taught in a therapy session. Each can be used to assist in the process of moving forward.

With Love,


Resource: The Handbook of Stress Science by R. J. contra and A. Baum

How To Fight Depression + Anxiety

The struggle is real when it comes to depression and anxiety. It can run in the family and or skip generations or start up fresh with you as life presents challenges. Depression and anxiety can run in the family genes. It can either show up as you enter in a time in your life when you begin taking on more than you’re able to do or by a hurtful and dramatic event. As you cope with life concerns and decipher what your next steps are you’ll be able to review some helpful tools below that may serve you well.

friends and acquaintances

Friends + Acquaintances

  • Have fewer friends. Maintaining a lot of people all at one time feels like a bit much. Lower the number of people you maintain on a daily or weekly basis. Less is more.

  • Have acquaintances that feel like friends. They are low-maintenance people who are always going to be there for you. They stay busy because they too have others to maintain. They also stay busy with self-love and self-care and have projects they’re working on. They may have kids. This keeps them busy and they’re still able to have fun and hang out.

  • Don’t baby sit very active children. If you have very active children, accommodate as best as you can and take lots of breaks. Take a lot of time out for you and definitely have 2 or 3 friends that will be available to pour into you and hang out when you need it. Also, be sure to offer your friends something in return, some form of energy exchange so that it’s not a one sided relationship.

change home decor

Change Your Home Decor

  • Add some patterns with pops of color to a few of your rooms.

  • Add some solids (light colors) to enhance shapes or shadows in a room.

  • Don’t have any or much of black or brown furniture. Having a lot of black and brown isn’t really designed to enhance mood. Well, not for people like us who naturally struggle with depression or anxiety.

  • Add dark colors like black, dark blue, gray and brown in small amounts around the house to give a warm and earthy feel. These colors should not be in large pieces of furniture but what surrounds the furniture or is placed on top of the furniture.

  • Keep your home clean and clutter free. This will help you stay at ease. Throw out, give away and release anything that looks and feels like a mess. Less is more. You don’t need a lot of objects laying around the house. Have and open space. Not every area of the room has to be filled with something. A book shelf doesn’t have to be filled with books. Just have a few here and there.

  • Make sure there are windows in your home; where each room can be filled with light. If you don’t have that option, you’ll need to definitely have light, white and bright furniture. Lighting is also important. The goal is to have the ability to make it bright when your mood is taking a nose dive.

healthy relationships and dating

Relationships + Dating

  • You shouldn’t date people or have friends that drain you. If they are naturally draining people they aren’t your people. It’s too much for the body to take on. It will lower your life expectancy because of the level of stress caused to the body, mind, and spirit from interacting with them on a continual basis.

  • If they’re cheaters of they don’t pour into you and don’t offer you what you need to feel safe, and what you need to emotionally thrive and survive - run. This is no place for a wonderful person like you. You need and should desire a high vibrational lover and friends who can provide a higher vibration of love and security.

  • Remove people, places and things out of your life that take and don’t give. This is no place for anyone let alone those that suffer or struggle with depression and or anxiety.

Keep it all easy breezy and clean and calm. Work toward hiring a therapist or visit a free support group. There are donation based support groups that can really be of service to you. If you can’t find out, reach out to me asap. Let’s get your spirits up!

With Love,

Smart Love Moves Team

Smart + Easy: Clutter Free Living

Clutter free living doesn’t always mean you ‘don’t get to keep a lot of the stuff you care for.’ Clutter free living is having a place for things you’d like to keep and knowing the difference between what you will keep and what you will let go of. Not everything you have is meant to stay in your life for the rest of your life. Things are meant to serve you for a time period and then you’ll find that it will be of better use to someone else or going somewhere else.

Times change and seasons shift, it’s important to refresh your furniture and items in your home to create peace, happiness and harmony within the space you find dear to you. Change colors, couches, beds, bedding, pillows, rugs, wall color(s), etc. Change with the seasons and times to keep your home feeling fresh, clean, bright, airy and homie.

There will be a moment when you’ll see your grandfathers scarf, your mother’s book or special utensils. There are things you can and should hold on to. I know it may mean the world to you, however, be clear with yourself. Be clear about knowing when something should be released and when something should be placed in a box for your grandchildren or sibling(s).

clutter free living - living-room.jpg

Refresh your artwork and add pops of color. This will create a joyful atmosphere. Add greenery to your home office, living space or bedroom floor. Your room will light up with a feel of relaxation and pleasure.

Chandeliers and other amazing light fixtures can be really appealing and provides a healthier living quarter when properly placed to enhance a room. Lighting has so much to do with how a room feels. The question to ask yourself is, ‘How do I want to feel?’ When you walk into that particular space, how do you want to feel?

Feeling our items and space is very important when designing the space you desire to dwell in. It’s more about coming home and saying, ‘I feel…!’ We want the end of that sentence to be filled with a positive feeling not a negative one. Be sure to provide that positive feeling for yourself.

bedroom-clutter free living.jpg

Remember to purchase long curtains and the installment of the rods should be quite a bit higher than your actual window. Here in the photo below you’ll find a refreshing look. This type of placement gives a tall wall and tall window feel. It can really make the room and space look grand. It’s the best way to go!

Add an area rug that gives a grand feel or a classic fur that shows off the space very well. Placing these small tips in your designing thoughts can open you up to generate the way you want to feel. If it doesn’t make you feel how you want to feel then it’s not the right piece or this is not the right time. Things can get costly. Plan your budget and add an extra few hundred dollars to the list, or depending on your taste or bank account, add a few thousand dollars to the budget for a cushion.

You may find yourself wanting to spend a little more here and a little more there to get what you really want and desire. We can’t wait to see pictures. Send over your pictures, we want to post your beautiful room and concept. Vision boards are welcome also. We want to believe with you! We want to dream big with you!

bedroom-clutter free living.jpg

Have your family members and friends or quest take their shoes off. Bare feet or have them slide in their socks around the house. Either way, they will honor your home by keeping the dirt and grime from outside from coming into your sanctuary. In my home, we even change our clothes so our ‘outside clothes’ don’t touch the bedsheets.

Dust every week or at least every two weeks if you’re really busy and or don’t have someone who can tend to maintaining the home. Clean baseboards twice a year to keep your home looking like a model home and assisting in making you feel like you’re living in a beautiful hotel.

The one thing I love is making my home feel like it belongs in a magazine. Everytime I come home - I feel amazing. Except when it needs some tiding up. At that point, its time for a clean room again. So put your vision board together, cut out magazine looks from CB2, Scan Design, Ikea, Rooms To Go, or Target. These stores and many others offer fresh contemporary and modern designs that are sure to tickle and ignite a fire or how ever you want to feel in your desired space.

Keep us posted! We want to know how Smart you are about caring for your home and adding value to your life by creating an atmosphere that will serve you well while at home.

With Love,

Smart Love Moves

Dirty Echo - You Make Me Feel

Hi Love!

This song is called Dirty Echo - You Make Me Feel. This 3 min sound is designed for men and women to move the body slowly into stretch positions that create satisfaction in the privacy of your sexual desires. Whether you’re sharing this moment with your partner or alone to practice poses that enhance desire, you will benefit from listening to this echo sound.

With Love,

Els B.

You Make Me Feel.PNG

Movement + Body Therapy

For singles looking to get warmed up and back in the game or for couples who’d like an enhancement.

I have a morning class coming up, if you’re interested in joining, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Stretching your body for more flexibility and sexual satisfaction

  • Learn new erotic moves to stretch muscle fibers and experience the enhancement of sexuality and self-esteem

  • Build confidence and power moves to kick start the best sex you’ve ever had

  • Open up the body cavity to prepare for touch and explorations

  • With either yourSelf or your partner in mind, gravitate toward loosening the body’s tension through movement therapy.

Dirty Echo: You Make Me Feel


Or how you feel about your partner…

Erotic Sex Class - For Beginners

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A Relationship With Your Past Present + Future

Hi My Loves!

I’m so happy you came to join in on the NEXT Smart Love Moves you can make with yourSelf. It’s a brand New season of making better choices and bringing you to the next level. I know you want to be better, do better, have more and move wisely in this world. Let’s help you save time, money and resources! Listen now to this 9 minute teaching on what kind of relationship you can have with YOUR past, present and future. Sending you light and love!

xox, El


Smart Moves

It all stems from the relationship you have with yourSelf.

Things My Patients + Clients Learned This Week

Welcome to the Smart Love Moves family!

Application of tools:

Learning something new and or applying something learned is indeed a special moment for the Self. The moment arises when the application of tools explored is at use to provide the support we need to further the evolution of the Self. In these moments we find that truth is our friend, but without perception change, it cannot offer that which we desire. Freedom.

Here are some things my patients and clients have learned this week.

  • I have the power. I learned that I have to change my physiology and sometimes put on power, put on confidence, and put on being in control. These exercises are empowering.

  • I’m okay and it’s okay. This exercise gives me my power back. I’m okay and it’s okay. I just need to go with the flow and be led to people, places and things that serve me.

  • Stretching extends my life expectancy. I feel more aligned. I feel more full of life. I feel more vibrant. I feel connected to myself.

  • I need to speak life into myself on a daily basis. Thoughts of death make me so sad and helpless. I want to live as long as I can. I need to hear myself say it to myself.

As we continue to move forward in making Smart Love Moves with people, places and things, we reserve the right to take control of the mind, of the body, of the spirit and provide safety for the Self.

Growth flows naturally. Allow these moments of transition to take you higher. You are right on time. Everything is right on schedule.

Manifest the life you want by just seeing it in your mind’s eye and then do something about it. Do just one thing. Take the steps to victory. You can do it! You have the power to do and be what you desire. Speak to your Self. Tell your self what your Self needs to hear.

Elsie Blass

Sending you light and love…

How Split-brain Patients Demonstrate The Organization Of The Brain

What is split brain? Having the corpus callosum severed or absent, so as to eliminate the main connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. []

What causes split brain? Causes of split-brain syndrome. The primary cause of split-brain syndrome is intentional severing of the corpus callosum, partially or completely, through a surgical procedure known as corpus callosotomy []

Why is split brain surgery needed? Split-brain surgery, or corpus calloscotomy, is a drastic way of alleviating epileptic seizures, the occurrence of sporadic electrical storms in the brain. The procedure involves severing the corpus callosum, the main bond between the brain's left and right hemispheres. []


a drastic way of alleviating epileptic seizures

An explanation of how split-brain patients demonstrate the organization of the brain. 

Split brain individuals experience a surgical severe in the corpus callosum. This method prevents seizures while also halting the communication between both the right and left hemisphere. 

The organizational factors of the brain in patients who have experienced split brain is the interpretation of the communication given through language (Breedlove, S.M. 2017).

According to Breedlove (2017), right visual cortex stimulates the corpus callosum fibers. The information then transmits it to the left hemisphere. The information is then processed and brings about language. Likewise, when visual stimuli from the left field, it is then given to the right hemisphere. When the split takes place, the communication is then disconnected from a transmission. 

While hundreds of axons are severed without changing one’s behavior, it is still noted that the separation in communication bring an understanding of the one hemisphere is not able to travel for faster or initial clarity. Split brain individuals can read and verbally share words they’ve sent to the left hemisphere. However, the understanding of the objects shapes and drawings can provide clues as to what is been seen (Breedlove, S.M. 2017). 


the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Similarities and Differences 


  1. Visual information can be confusing (Macqueen, 2011).

  2. Disconnection syndromes (Uddin, 2011)

  3. Self-representation evaluation and self-related processes (Uddin, 2011)

  4. Two hemispheres exist with different brain communication processes (Uddin, 2011).

  5. Information can still be processed through both hemispheres (Uddin, 2011).


  1. Different identities are formed (Macqueen, 2011).

  2. Sharing a brain with another human being (Uddin, 2011).

  3. Two hemispheres exist and surgically severed (Uddin, 2011).


Personhood in split-brain individuals explores self-representation and self-relating processes. They each have their own personalities, visual stimuli, and cues. Their processes are defined by the ability to explore self-recognition, ownership, and agency. Information can still be transferred through subcortical pathways only when the cortical commissures are no available.  (Uddin, 2011). 

The self can be explained through the following (Uddin, 2011):

Self Cognitive Phenomenon 

  • Psychology of the self - “Examined through face recognition.”

  • Physical aspects of the self - “Operationalized with studies examining autobiographical memory and self-knowledge.”

I hope you all enjoyed learning something new or reviewing my research and findings on split brain. There is so much more to this phenomenon. What is stated here are facts you can add to your knowledge base.

With Gratitude,



Breedlove, S.M. and Watson, N. V. (2017). Behavioral Neuroscience, 8th edition. Sunderland, MA: Sinnauer Associates, Inc.

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Clear Out Your Heart

The heart is like a sponge. Water to a sponge is like the issues of life penetrating each fiber. It is important that you treat your heart as a scared substance that needs rinsing, to be emptied so that it can be of use once more.

Empty your heart from discomfort. It is your responsibility to clear yourSelf from any issues that life brings to you. It’s with pleasure that your heart will thank you.

How to clear out your heart.jpg

Clear Out Your Heart

How do you do this? How do you empty your heart?

What you’ll need:

  • Pen

  • Paper

  • Scheduled time

  • Quiet room

  • Open mindedness

  • No judgment only observation

Search your heart’s concerns. Your mind will give words to the issues in your heart. Process each story that brings you ailment and seek out healing for each one individually.

When you do these things you’ll extend your life expectancy. You will add value to your own life. You will bring peace to your body and will live long.

These are the blessings you provide yourSelf when you protect the heart and clear the mind of afflictions. Piece by piece will bring peace and more peace.

If this post has helped you on your journey to making smart love moves for yourSelf, please share this post with your friends and family.

Welcome to the Smart Love Moves Family!

Your Health Psychologist,


How Do People Become Gay?

As of today’s date this post will be valid until further research has been identified to prove otherwise. While most people believe you are born gay, others believe it is because of trauma or lack of love from the same sex that causes someone to be gay.

Please be mindful that this article was written by me for my professor during a PhD program in Health Psychology. Further data and research will serve in a more profound exploration as scientist continue to explore what scientist, philosophers, and researchers call a phenomenon.

For those of you with pending questions, here is science for you.

how do people become gay?.jpg

Article Summary 

The understanding of a phenomenon leaves data to speak of its truths, and by the same token may leave research with more to explore. The article chosen speaks of androgen as being a common composer to women being attracted to women, thus leading to a woman being a lesbian.  Men, on the other hand, have no common denominator as to how a man can become gay or whether they are gay from birth.

The meta-analysis sexual orientation difference study and research conducted indicates that lesbians were exposed to a larger amount of androgen than were straight women during the time they were developing in the womb. In addition, an even larger amount of prenatal androgen was exposed to fetal males. The article continues to clarify that this may be of greater understanding of why the majority of men are attracted to women (Breedlove, S.M. 2016).

Two Implications 

The two implications that the article explores is that of androgen being a common theme in research towards understating the development of sexual orientation in the womb for women, and, although gay men were exposed to the same amount of androgen as straight men, it still leaves the question as to what leads to sexual orientation during prenatal exposures for men (Yin, Norton, and Rahman, (2017). The second implication being prenatal and postnatal exposures and how they may contribute to orientational findings (Breedlove, S.M. 2016).

These two implications were explored to bring clarity to this phenomenon. ‘Gay men were sex-atypical in both male and female cognitive performance.’ In addition, homosexual women were sex-atypical only in favoring male cognitive traits and performances (Yin, Norton, and Rahman, (2017).

dan how do people become gay?.jpg

Concur or Conflict 

In reviewing multiple articles, a 1997 article reflected it’s truth by stating that there is “Too little known about the biology of the homosexual type for this research. Also, the weight of evidence suggests perinatal sexual differentiation as a developmental component in the sexual orientation of at least some homosexual men (McKnight, 1997).” The meta-analysis revealed that homosexual men performed like heterosexual women in both male-favoring (Yin, Norton, and Rahman, (2017). Hormonal studies were still being conducted during the time nor to bring understanding. 

In another 2017 study conducted by Burke, Manzouri, and Savic (2017), long white matter, water diffusion along the axon, and research conducted on parts of the brain’s anatomy (e.g. right inferior frontal-occipital tract, corticospinal tract, corpus callosum etc.) were all processed. In each article, there is one question that still remains unanswered.

cells-how do people become gay?.jpg

One Question Remains

Can sexual orientation be understood by science? Or can science really make sense of sexual orientation or even create further distinctions between two entities within sexual orientation? Or is the question really, can science make sense of how and when is sexual orientation truly developed? The underlying mechanism is considered and classified as unrevealed (Burke, Manzouri, and Savic, 2017).

What has been identified is the neurobiological hallmark between the neurobiological connections the body holds in the connection of the self and the perception of self, as well as body ownership. This too is a continual exploration of homosexuality among the transgender population as well (Burke, Manzouri, and Savic, 2017). 

Further studies will have to be explored. Does homosexuality begin in the stages of prenatal exposure or in postnatal experiences and exposure? Does it depend on these two facets? There are many unanswered questions, yet all are looking for evidence of possible truths to bring this hunger for clarity to rest. 


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    E. Blass

Self-Love Master Class

Hi Love,

Welcome to the self-love master class. All of my clients have access to this page. Here you will be able to listen, download, and share the content that is available to you here. I value you and those you desire to see grow and to see become happy.

Great job last week! Each of you were focusing on something so powerful. We all were! I am so proud of the work that you’re doing. Keep it up! Keep going and pushing forward! You’re moving toward the other side of the mountain!

Each week I will continue to post new audio teachings to help you grow. Your self-love journey is important to me. Please remember that each of you will receive personalized audio teachings that will be sent to your inbox.

Reply back and let me know if you enjoyed this weeks newsletter / blog post. Be kind to yourself and others.

Dr. Elsie Blass

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Self-Love + Strong Will Power

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but so is your time. Your time is valuable. Your decisions can cause someone else to have their time wasted. How unfair is that?

Once you know what to do and what is best for you, do it! Do that very thing! Stop wasting precious time and energy going around and around and around, and in circles, while also jumping through hoops, struggling and waring with your mind, your heart and using your body (e.g. thoughts, feeling, body cravings/desires) as a stumbling block.

You're doing yourself a disservice. You're missing out on the very thing you truly desire to have or accomplish. With this in mind, take time to facilitate change by writing down the goal in mind, what needs to be done, when you’re going to start doing it, and then place a start date and time. Then DO IT! If something comes up and breaks your concentration or diligence, proceed to attempt again. Giving up is not an option. Your WILLpower will not work if you don’t WILL to do something. So build up your WILL. This happens in stages and levels. Accomodate to that. 


To WILL is to provide yourself with resources that will assist in your movement in that direction. Sometimes we need tools, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in order to make sense of why a certain direction or choice should take place. 

Things To Remember:

  • Be aggressive with your desire and final outcome or results. 
  • Push through discomfort.
  • Fight reason and feelings for true results.
  • Be strong-willed and apply stubbornness to receive desired results. Be stubborn about the right things.
  • Read up and research why this choice is the right choice and despite your emotional upset, continue to review your notes and detailed phrases and terms that provide structure and clarity for continuing in this set mindset. 
  • Collect ideas, truths from friends, family, and enlightening content or social media post and write them down. Take them like a grain of salt. Their thoughts and feelings may not be your truths. Therefore, clarify what is right for you to believe.
  • Your emotions and memories will trigger movement back into a defaulted mindset and view of things. Your spirit and willpower can only take back hold of control once you have released memories and emotions and follow again the truth given by your research. 
  • Remember that you can save the day by applying your will to what serves your final outcome.
  • Don't waste time or energy. Don't waste the person(s) or parties involved. This pushes you to step into the now and deal with present issues to solidify change and growth and forward thinking, as well as movement. 

I hope this brief self-love post has given insight for structuring your WILLpower and given you a foundation to build off of. 

With Love,


4 Tunes That Help Enhance Your Well-being

Here are 4 AMAZING tunes that will change your physiology and enhance your well-being. Take a few moments to download them and create an atmosphere of peace. Allow this to be of service to you during this meditation session. 

These tunes blessed me very much today and I wanted to share that with you all. Incredible Friday! As I was listening to this magical music, I was also adding these videos to my story. Check it out!

Explore nature. Have intimate moments that create a sweeting life experience. Visit and search '4 Tunes That Enhance Your Well-Being.' Here you will find the tunes I was listening to while walking and having this intimate experience. There is no sound in this video.

P.S. I dedicate this post to every person who is an Alpha and desires passion and freedom.

With Love,

Dr. e

Self-Love Is A Phenomenon

What is self-love? What does it do? Who is it for? What does it mean? Who can use it? When can it be used? Why is it important? For year and to many people, self-love means selfish, self-centered and that may just conclude the words that they attach a negative connotation to. 


Self-Love's True Form

I’ve often asked people what self-love means to them. Some say it means that you're selfish.

What are your thoughts of self-love?

Share your thoughts by emailing me here


What is self-love?

What does it do?

Who is it for?

What does it mean?

Who can use it?

When can it be used?

Why is it important?

MORE COMING SOON! WE'RE WORKING ON OUR BLOG LAUNCH! We love you all very much! We're here to serve you.