Things My Patients + Clients Learned This Week

Welcome to the Smart Love Moves family!

Application of tools:

Learning something new and or applying something learned is indeed a special moment for the Self. The moment arises when the application of tools explored is at use to provide the support we need to further the evolution of the Self. In these moments we find that truth is our friend, but without perception change, it cannot offer that which we desire. Freedom.

Here are some things my patients and clients have learned this week.

  • I have the power. I learned that I have to change my physiology and sometimes put on power, put on confidence, and put on being in control. These exercises are empowering.

  • I’m okay and it’s okay. This exercise gives me my power back. I’m okay and it’s okay. I just need to go with the flow and be led to people, places and things that serve me.

  • Stretching extends my life expectancy. I feel more aligned. I feel more full of life. I feel more vibrant. I feel connected to myself.

  • I need to speak life into myself on a daily basis. Thoughts of death make me so sad and helpless. I want to live as long as I can. I need to hear myself say it to myself.

As we continue to move forward in making Smart Love Moves with people, places and things, we reserve the right to take control of the mind, of the body, of the spirit and provide safety for the Self.

Growth flows naturally. Allow these moments of transition to take you higher. You are right on time. Everything is right on schedule.

Manifest the life you want by just seeing it in your mind’s eye and then do something about it. Do just one thing. Take the steps to victory. You can do it! You have the power to do and be what you desire. Speak to your Self. Tell your self what your Self needs to hear.

Elsie Blass

Sending you light and love…