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Smart + Easy: Clutter Free Living

Clutter free living doesn’t always mean you ‘don’t get to keep a lot of the stuff you care for.’ Clutter free living is having a place for things you’d like to keep and knowing the difference between what you will keep and what you will let go of. Not everything you have is meant to stay in your life for the rest of your life. Things are meant to serve you for a time period and then you’ll find that it will be of better use to someone else or going somewhere else.

Times change and seasons shift, it’s important to refresh your furniture and items in your home to create peace, happiness and harmony within the space you find dear to you. Change colors, couches, beds, bedding, pillows, rugs, wall color(s), etc. Change with the seasons and times to keep your home feeling fresh, clean, bright, airy and homie.

There will be a moment when you’ll see your grandfathers scarf, your mother’s book or special utensils. There are things you can and should hold on to. I know it may mean the world to you, however, be clear with yourself. Be clear about knowing when something should be released and when something should be placed in a box for your grandchildren or sibling(s).

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Refresh your artwork and add pops of color. This will create a joyful atmosphere. Add greenery to your home office, living space or bedroom floor. Your room will light up with a feel of relaxation and pleasure.

Chandeliers and other amazing light fixtures can be really appealing and provides a healthier living quarter when properly placed to enhance a room. Lighting has so much to do with how a room feels. The question to ask yourself is, ‘How do I want to feel?’ When you walk into that particular space, how do you want to feel?

Feeling our items and space is very important when designing the space you desire to dwell in. It’s more about coming home and saying, ‘I feel…!’ We want the end of that sentence to be filled with a positive feeling not a negative one. Be sure to provide that positive feeling for yourself.

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Remember to purchase long curtains and the installment of the rods should be quite a bit higher than your actual window. Here in the photo below you’ll find a refreshing look. This type of placement gives a tall wall and tall window feel. It can really make the room and space look grand. It’s the best way to go!

Add an area rug that gives a grand feel or a classic fur that shows off the space very well. Placing these small tips in your designing thoughts can open you up to generate the way you want to feel. If it doesn’t make you feel how you want to feel then it’s not the right piece or this is not the right time. Things can get costly. Plan your budget and add an extra few hundred dollars to the list, or depending on your taste or bank account, add a few thousand dollars to the budget for a cushion.

You may find yourself wanting to spend a little more here and a little more there to get what you really want and desire. We can’t wait to see pictures. Send over your pictures, we want to post your beautiful room and concept. Vision boards are welcome also. We want to believe with you! We want to dream big with you!

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Have your family members and friends or quest take their shoes off. Bare feet or have them slide in their socks around the house. Either way, they will honor your home by keeping the dirt and grime from outside from coming into your sanctuary. In my home, we even change our clothes so our ‘outside clothes’ don’t touch the bedsheets.

Dust every week or at least every two weeks if you’re really busy and or don’t have someone who can tend to maintaining the home. Clean baseboards twice a year to keep your home looking like a model home and assisting in making you feel like you’re living in a beautiful hotel.

The one thing I love is making my home feel like it belongs in a magazine. Everytime I come home - I feel amazing. Except when it needs some tiding up. At that point, its time for a clean room again. So put your vision board together, cut out magazine looks from CB2, Scan Design, Ikea, Rooms To Go, or Target. These stores and many others offer fresh contemporary and modern designs that are sure to tickle and ignite a fire or how ever you want to feel in your desired space.

Keep us posted! We want to know how Smart you are about caring for your home and adding value to your life by creating an atmosphere that will serve you well while at home.

With Love,

Smart Love Moves