Heal For The Children Campaign

Join Smart Love Moves this Summer and tell us what you’re doing to enhance your growth on your self-love journey. Send us a video clip or voice memo recording sharing what steps you’re taking to be your best self. We are better parents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents when we practice self-healing, behavior change, and are open to perception change. Let’s go higher in our thinking and be better for our children. Make Smart Love Moves and be an example to the children around you. Your child may be 10 months of age or 42 years of age. The time is now!

This Summer we're expecting you to share, teach, spread hope and share your story. We can’t wait to hear from you. Send your video or voice recording to info(at)elsieblass.com. Share your social media link or hashtag and we’ll feature you in our Smart Love Moves podcast.

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This campaign touches my heart in ways I can’t explain in detail. My story runs so deep. My parents were someone’s child. Had they healed themselves from their childhood experiences, I wouldn’t have experienced my own childhood trauma.

‘Heal Yourself’ is also inspired by the many years it has taken me to heal from my childhood all the while raising my children and ensuring that most of the family character traits and hindering behaviors stop with my own sweat and tears. I’ve fought to break barriers, stumbling blocks and family trauma found in our bloodline.

When you’re breaking family habits and roadblocks, you’ll find that it takes courage, energy, time, body ailments and hinderances. It also brings on mental and emotional struggles - as well as still having to perform at work, at home, and at all the family functions. One would conclude that an emotional breakdown is in order.


Receiving support as you move forward and become a better parent, stepparent, friend, and or family member is important to your journey. The Heal For The Children Campaign chooses you. You are to choose a child that inspires hope in you. Use this love and higher thought to encourage you to press on and push through.

My daughter (16) and my son (10) have been a great inspiration for me to be the best version of myself and to ensure that I provide a healthy and whole version. A version that can support their growth and one that can help extend their life expectancy.

I will move mountains for them. Who will you move a mountain for?


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With Love,