How To Enter The Body - The Power Of Now

Inspired by The Power of Now - A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Have an open mind. Don’t attach yourself to any one word. This will hinder you from receiving clarity. If you have downloaded the audio, allow the audio to visit chapter 6 and follow the titles below.

Steps to entering the body: Being in the inner-body

  • Forgive p119

  • Let the breath take you into the body p125

  • The art of listening p126

  • Going deeply into the body p129


Entering the body - Forgive p119

  • If emotions rise up, consider the topic of the emotion and its root. Write it down. Leave it alone for now. Observe the emotion if one is present, that is all.

  • Allow emotions to rise up and identify the emotion, not so much the topic it is attached to. Read the second paragraph on page 120 (chapter 6). This is very important.

  • Forgive people and yourself for any wrong doing, mishaps, agitations, discomforts. This will help you get closer to yourself and will help you protect yourself more from other people, places and things that don’t serve you.

  • Are you feeling blame, self-pity, or resentment that is feeding the emotion? If so, it means you haven’t forgiven. Your mind may refuse to accept a past, present or future. Continue reading p120 for more clarity (chapter 6).

  • Forgiveness is to offer no resistance to life. The alternative is pain an suffering and it can lead to physical disease.

the power of now

Entering the body - Let The Breath Take You Into The Body p125

  • If it is hard to get into your inner body (spirit/higher self), and or have many thoughts that won’t allow you to connect, just focus on your breathing. Each breath will pull you closer and closer to your higher self.

  • Breathe into the body, and feel the abdomen expanding and contracting. Read more in detail on p125 (chapter 6).

the power of now

Entering the body - The Art of Listening p126

  • The mind may interfere when listening to others. Listen in your body, don’t listen with your mind. This takes the attention away from thinking and allows you to think with your inner self. It is a gift that you can give the other person. Because you get to listen to what they are truly saying. You’ll be listening to what really matters (p126-126, chapter 6).

how to enter the body

Entering the body - Going Deeply Into The Body p129

  • Make going into the body a form of meditation. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and become aware of the inner body, the inner energy field of the body. There is a light visualization that Tolle speaks of in this chapter. Follow those queues (chapter 6).

  • When you feel the inner energy as a single energy, let go. Drop any mental image of the physical body.Take your attention into that feeling and merge with it, so there is no duality of the observer and the observed, as Tolle says in chapter 7 (p130).

  • Look at your surroundings for a few minutes in a meditative way, without labeling them in your mind. Continue to feel the inner body as you do so.

I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, reach out!

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