How To Fight Depression + Anxiety

The struggle is real when it comes to depression and anxiety. It can run in the family and or skip generations or start up fresh with you as life presents challenges. Depression and anxiety can run in the family genes. It can either show up as you enter in a time in your life when you begin taking on more than you’re able to do or by a hurtful and dramatic event. As you cope with life concerns and decipher what your next steps are you’ll be able to review some helpful tools below that may serve you well.

friends and acquaintances

Friends + Acquaintances

  • Have fewer friends. Maintaining a lot of people all at one time feels like a bit much. Lower the number of people you maintain on a daily or weekly basis. Less is more.

  • Have acquaintances that feel like friends. They are low-maintenance people who are always going to be there for you. They stay busy because they too have others to maintain. They also stay busy with self-love and self-care and have projects they’re working on. They may have kids. This keeps them busy and they’re still able to have fun and hang out.

  • Don’t baby sit very active children. If you have very active children, accommodate as best as you can and take lots of breaks. Take a lot of time out for you and definitely have 2 or 3 friends that will be available to pour into you and hang out when you need it. Also, be sure to offer your friends something in return, some form of energy exchange so that it’s not a one sided relationship.

change home decor

Change Your Home Decor

  • Add some patterns with pops of color to a few of your rooms.

  • Add some solids (light colors) to enhance shapes or shadows in a room.

  • Don’t have any or much of black or brown furniture. Having a lot of black and brown isn’t really designed to enhance mood. Well, not for people like us who naturally struggle with depression or anxiety.

  • Add dark colors like black, dark blue, gray and brown in small amounts around the house to give a warm and earthy feel. These colors should not be in large pieces of furniture but what surrounds the furniture or is placed on top of the furniture.

  • Keep your home clean and clutter free. This will help you stay at ease. Throw out, give away and release anything that looks and feels like a mess. Less is more. You don’t need a lot of objects laying around the house. Have and open space. Not every area of the room has to be filled with something. A book shelf doesn’t have to be filled with books. Just have a few here and there.

  • Make sure there are windows in your home; where each room can be filled with light. If you don’t have that option, you’ll need to definitely have light, white and bright furniture. Lighting is also important. The goal is to have the ability to make it bright when your mood is taking a nose dive.

healthy relationships and dating

Relationships + Dating

  • You shouldn’t date people or have friends that drain you. If they are naturally draining people they aren’t your people. It’s too much for the body to take on. It will lower your life expectancy because of the level of stress caused to the body, mind, and spirit from interacting with them on a continual basis.

  • If they’re cheaters of they don’t pour into you and don’t offer you what you need to feel safe, and what you need to emotionally thrive and survive - run. This is no place for a wonderful person like you. You need and should desire a high vibrational lover and friends who can provide a higher vibration of love and security.

  • Remove people, places and things out of your life that take and don’t give. This is no place for anyone let alone those that suffer or struggle with depression and or anxiety.

Keep it all easy breezy and clean and calm. Work toward hiring a therapist or visit a free support group. There are donation based support groups that can really be of service to you. If you can’t find out, reach out to me asap. Let’s get your spirits up!

With Love,

Smart Love Moves Team