Self-Love 101

Welcome to a self-love teaching that you’ll never forget.

Before I get started, I want you to save this link/post. Email it to yourself until you finally put it all into practice. Please remember as you master one area you’ll fall short in another area. That’s normal. Once you master a new area, you’ll struggle to add them together. That’s normal. You’ll feel powerful and strong and then you’ll face a new aspect of yourself that needs healing, closure, clarity, and movement. You’ll feel confused, concerned and other emotions that bring the mind and body discomfort. That’s normal. Sit there and feel the discomfort without medicating the emotional struggle if possible. Feel it and smile. Sit in the thoughts that ache you and then smile. Master the discomfort by sitting with it and building a relationship with it. You can’t get to know your discomfort unless you spend time with yourself and sit in it. Heal it. Play with it. Work with it. Speak to it. Speak to the previous version of you that experienced it. Let your previous self speak to you. Let your future self speak to you. All the part of you have something to tell you. But, the distractions of life hinder your relationship with yourself.

Once you learn and understand self-love, you’ll never date anyone who doesn’t understand it or put in into practice. You won’t want to anyway. If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t put the below information into practice or even understands it, send them here, and or be the example and teacher.


Self-Love: Two part explanation made whole

Self-Love - Main Facility

  • Maintaining Your Mind - Mental Health

  • Maintaining Your Body - Nutition and Fitness

  • Maintaining Your Spirit - Higher Self

Self-Love - Outer Facility

  • Your Relationship with People

  • Your Relationship with Places

  • Your Relationhsip with Things

When people have self-love they’re able to give a different kind of love than the one we’re used to sharing with one another. It is in that love that we formulate the enhancement of more of it and can give of the overflow of what already exist.

Self-Love - Main Facility

The main facility is you. It’s all about you. This is about you maintaining all of you and then you can extend that to the outer facility which encompasses your relationship with people, places and things. Let’s break down what you need to know about your relationship with the Self.

Maintain Your Mind

Your mental health is top priority. If you’re not well in your mind your body and house will have a bumpy ride. I’m sure you’d prefer a smoother ride through life. A smarter way I can only imagine.

Here is what your mind/brain needs to survive and thrive:

  • Hydration: Without water and hydration within the circulation of blood flow, your mind will not think as clearly. Your mood will decrease and a healthy mind makes healthy decisions when it’s hydrated with water and nutrients of healthy foods. If you want your main frame to produce data (direction, understanding, flow), you’ll need to keep it functioning properly.

  • Meditation: There are tons of meditations exercises you can use to enhance the mind and manifestation. However, one in particular is called mindful. I can teach about the others another time. Right now, the mindful meditation can be of service to you. It is where your mind won’t stop and continue saying things, showing images and plays past, present, and future content that either will make sense to you or not. It doesn’t matter. Just filter through and grab what makes sense to you. What is it repeating in your head? That’s the real concern. It’s showing you things. It will show you other things that don’t make sense. Don’t worry about that silliness. Continue to keep your eyes closed until more information is presented. Write down whatever is important to know; and release the rest. The mind has a way of telling you what its unfinished business it has left to review. You may need a professional to help you with this. This is great in a therapy session with a physician or coach that has self-love and understands its use in maintaining a healthy long life.

  • Resolve: There are issues and concerns in the mind. They need resolution. Your inner fears and concerns have a sentence or thought process that you’ll receive from the above meditation.

  • Physiology Change: In a session we change your physiology through a numerous amounts of exercise catered specifically to allow your mind to receive the perception change and behavior change you long to cultivate. If you once struggled with this before, I’ll make it very easy for you to transform.

Maintain Your Heart

  • You’re heart has unresolved feelings and beliefs that also dwell in the subconscious of the mind. It works hand in hand together. If you’re heart has unresolved issue it will manifest through people, places and things. Within those continued experiences, you’ll see how the unresolved issues sit in the subconscious as to bring more of the same or other things that those beliefs may bring about. Some you’ll enjoy and some you’ll want to run from. Once you work through those by asking your mind to make sense of an emotion that has manifested you’ll be able to proceed.

  • Hydration + nutrition plays a role in the amount of stress and hydration the heart receives to keep the life you have reaching full capacity.

Maintain Your Body

  • Nutrition and hydration keep the body running smoother and healthier. You’re whole being runs on what you put into it.

  • People, places and things say and do and make you feel some kind of way. Be mindful of what you allow to go in through your eye gate, ears, soul, mind, and heart. It is your job to care for yourself. You are responsible for yourself.

  • Fitness and exercise is needed to maintain organ and muscle function. It helps to extend the life expectancy of the body. Start with walking and or create an easy to follow plan to get you started in the right direction.

Self-Love - Outer Facility

There is much more we can cover. Start understanding the maintenance of the body by continuing to review the above information. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime and ask any questions. I’ll be back here and there to update this post. Sending you all light and love!


Self-Love Songs: Think of Yourself when you play these songs. You’ll be tempted to think of someone else. There’s plenty of time for that. Think of yourself first. Feel this way about yourSelf in this way. Think of these things about yourself. Be this way with yourself. Then you will find the truth and the truth will set you free. You’ll understand safe and unsafe people. You’ll understand the quality of love and you’ll be able to give it to others. You’ll even hurt less people because the love you encompass you can now extend out.