Self-Friendship Is Where Its At...

The Stranger Within

Have you ever experienced daja vu? Have you ever heard about the higher self? Have you ever heard of the verbiage, ‘You have a spirit.’ Have you experienced a growth in consciousness? Then you’ve encountered the terminology united in explanation to the stranger within. Congratulations. You’ve met your higher self (aka your spirit).

spirit higher self

You may have heard, “The best relationship you will ever have is the one that you have with yourself.” The more introspection and closure you provide for yourSelf, the closer you will become with your higher self. The clearer direction will be for your relationships, business dealings, and important life decisions.

By visiting your past, accepting the present and being hopeful toward your future, you remain in a state of growth. Likes and dislikes stem from environment and social exposure. It is the realm of the physical and in turn provides clues as to what is for you and what isn’t during this moment in time and possibly for as long as you may be in the body.

the stranger within

Take time to provide solitude for yourself with yourself. Heal wounds that the body and soul (mind, will, emotions) has experienced. Liberate your higher self. It needs to thrive in a safe environment, and you provide that safety when you close doors that need to be closed, heal wounds and experiences that need to heal, and encourage and allow hope to ignite a pleasure in you.

The stranger within doesn’t have to be a stranger at all. Strangers are estranged when they don’t speak, interact, have quality time together, and offer growth opportunities during any one interaction. Meet yourSelf. Introduce yourSelf to yourSelf and start there. Self-friendship is where its at.

With Love,

Your Smart Love Moves Family