Weekly Mantra

Hello Friends,

I hope your week is going well. I hope you are joining us in the light of reaching our goals and healing our souls. I hope it is well with you. Today, I would like to share this precious song and this week’s mantra. The meaning is below. This song is for your movement meditation practice. That just means you are to stand in your office, living room or anywhere that feels good to you and let your body move. Open up your air and pathway as you gently breathe in and out. Then sit and ponder your next moves toward victory in any one given area.

Weekly Mantra:

Repeat this mantra over and over. This mantra is designed to call out to nature and the heavens to receive power. You can choose whichever god you serve and speak to only that god. The mantra is only activated when you pull energy from a source - be it Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, a tree, plants, water, etc. You get the picture. It is your belief and faith that activate it. You can also choose the universe.

Prithvi Hai Akash Hai Meaning: This mantra is another version of the Dharti Hai mantra. It too seeks power from the earth, ether and Guru Ram Das. 'Prithvi' means earth. 'Akash' means the heavens. (Source)

Here is a fun link with more weekly mantras to choose from. Some may not resonate so pass them by and only choose what feels good to you.

With Love,

The E.Blass Team