Self-Love + Strong Will Power

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but so is your time. Your time is valuable. Your decisions can cause someone else to have their time wasted. How unfair is that?

Once you know what to do and what is best for you, do it! Do that very thing! Stop wasting precious time and energy going around and around and around, and in circles, while also jumping through hoops, struggling and waring with your mind, your heart and using your body (e.g. thoughts, feeling, body cravings/desires) as a stumbling block.

You're doing yourself a disservice. You're missing out on the very thing you truly desire to have or accomplish. With this in mind, take time to facilitate change by writing down the goal in mind, what needs to be done, when you’re going to start doing it, and then place a start date and time. Then DO IT! If something comes up and breaks your concentration or diligence, proceed to attempt again. Giving up is not an option. Your WILLpower will not work if you don’t WILL to do something. So build up your WILL. This happens in stages and levels. Accomodate to that. 


To WILL is to provide yourself with resources that will assist in your movement in that direction. Sometimes we need tools, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in order to make sense of why a certain direction or choice should take place. 

Things To Remember:

  • Be aggressive with your desire and final outcome or results. 
  • Push through discomfort.
  • Fight reason and feelings for true results.
  • Be strong-willed and apply stubbornness to receive desired results. Be stubborn about the right things.
  • Read up and research why this choice is the right choice and despite your emotional upset, continue to review your notes and detailed phrases and terms that provide structure and clarity for continuing in this set mindset. 
  • Collect ideas, truths from friends, family, and enlightening content or social media post and write them down. Take them like a grain of salt. Their thoughts and feelings may not be your truths. Therefore, clarify what is right for you to believe.
  • Your emotions and memories will trigger movement back into a defaulted mindset and view of things. Your spirit and willpower can only take back hold of control once you have released memories and emotions and follow again the truth given by your research. 
  • Remember that you can save the day by applying your will to what serves your final outcome.
  • Don't waste time or energy. Don't waste the person(s) or parties involved. This pushes you to step into the now and deal with present issues to solidify change and growth and forward thinking, as well as movement. 

I hope this brief self-love post has given insight for structuring your WILLpower and given you a foundation to build off of. 

With Love,