Weekly Mantra

Hello Friends,

I hope your week is going well. I hope you are joining us in the light of reaching our goals and healing our souls. I hope it is well with you. Today, I would like to share this precious song and this week’s mantra. The meaning is below. This song is for your movement meditation practice. That just means you are to stand in your office, living room or anywhere that feels good to you and let your body move. Open up your air and pathway as you gently breathe in and out. Then sit and ponder your next moves toward victory in any one given area.

Weekly Mantra:

Repeat this mantra over and over. This mantra is designed to call out to nature and the heavens to receive power. You can choose whichever god you serve and speak to only that god. The mantra is only activated when you pull energy from a source - be it Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, a tree, plants, water, etc. You get the picture. It is your belief and faith that activate it. You can also choose the universe.

Prithvi Hai Akash Hai Meaning: This mantra is another version of the Dharti Hai mantra. It too seeks power from the earth, ether and Guru Ram Das. 'Prithvi' means earth. 'Akash' means the heavens. (Source)

Here is a fun link with more weekly mantras to choose from. Some may not resonate so pass them by and only choose what feels good to you.

With Love,

The E.Blass Team

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Welcome back! I have some special updates for you below.

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Morning Mindset: Receptivity - Receive The Blessing

Affirmation Of The Day!

Start your mornings with me Monday-Friday!

We set our mind for the day on Smart Love Moves.

We start with a positive mindset rather than starting from a place of lack or disappointment of what was or what is.

Today's morning mindset is designed for you to reposition yourself. A podcast episode will be released today at 10am ET. This episode will help to clarify some steps you can take to reposition yourself with ease.

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Audio Teaching

Morning Mindset: Receptivity - Receive The Blessing

Take An 8 Week Self-Love Journey

Let’s prepare you for 2020!


Hi My Loves,

During my self-love journey, I’ve explored many facets of myself. I’ve dedicated my life’s work and research to self-relating modification. It’s a journey that we call self-love. When I was completing my dissertation, they gave me a bit of a hard time with the title encompassing self-love. The chair and board members fought me hard and wanted me to change self-love to well-being. I stood in front of them ALL and stated clearly that well-being was a result of self-love and I could tell them how, who, what, where, when and why. Needless to say, they gave in. In part, I decided to meet them halfway and reflected the title to convey a more scientific method if you will. Self-Relating Modification. If they wanted science, I was going to give it to them. Cheers! To 10 years of research this month!

In honor of my 10 years in scientific and holistic research on self-love, I would like to offer you 15% off of my 8 Week Self-Love Mastermind. It is an online, at your own pace course, that you can use to start or continue your self exploration. Each week offers a different topic that will bring you clarity. You can always take the course again anytime during the same calendar year of your purchase.

I know you’re going to LOVE it!

Review the e-course and it’s weekly module descriptions by clicking below.

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With Love,

Elsie B.

VIP Day - A Day You Deserve


Come view our VIP Day and see why it may just be of service to you and your goals. Join me in a free strategy call to see if a VIP Day is just what the doctor ordered. Check in with your higher self and see if signing up is right for you during this season in your life.

Thank you for visiting and joining the Smart Love Moves movement!

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Self-Love Group Therapy Workshop

Welcome to Smart Love Moves!

Saturday Morning Self-Love Experience

Come join me this Saturday morning on this amazing journey called self-love. We start at 8am est. and I guarantee that you’ll receive if you come expecting. Each of you will experience group coaching and individual coaching opportunities during our time together. You can stay silent and just listen in on the call. However, this experience would be more impactful for you and the other group members if you participate. If you just want to stay silent and get your feet wet then come and join in and listen in.

Here’s what to expect after you sign-up:

  • You’ll receive an email with all the information that you’ll need to join in on the call.

  • You’ll receive 5 self-love PDFs ranging from different life related topics to enhance your growth and journey.

  • You’ll receive free access to all my teaching audios from a locked paged on the SLM site.

  • You’ll receive a 20-minute post workshop session with me to solidify your self-love experience.

Here’s what to expect during our LIVE CALL:

  • Teachings on self-love, self-esteem, boundaries, sharing your energy, money healing, abuse, meditation, stretching, self-care, and so much more.

  • Teachings on Mind, Body, Spirit (higher self) connections.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing.

  • Please bring a large container of water. You can also have your coffee or tea handy also.

  • Have a pen and paper/notebook/journal.

**If you miss the workshop, the recorded version will be sent to your email.

I can’t wait to meet you!!!

Sign-up today, seating is limited!!

With love,


Don't Give Up On YourSelf - Give In...

Giving up can sometimes be beneficial. Giving up on yourSelf, well, that’s another issue. You can and should take breaks on pushing hard and following through. However, giving up on yourself is not an option. Rather, give in to your desire and need to pursue the goals that resonate with your body.

Don’t give up on yourself. Give in to…

Fill in the blank

I will give in to ______________.

I will pursue _____________.

I will not give up on ______________.

It’s time to get motivated! It’s time to push through.

With Love,


Heal For The Children: Managing Your Expectations

It’s time to heal for the children. Children surround us. We watch them grow. We either live with them, know of them, hang out and visit with a few, see others who have them and in all we were once children too. It’s time to heal your inner child. It may be time to heal for a child.

Today’s topic is about managing your expectations.

I want you to expect good things. Want good things. Know good things. Share good things.

When you get to know others you can learn about their expectations. When you get to know yourself, you get to know your expectations.

I want you to write down your expectations. I want you to make two list. One that you expect from your own self and from your behaviors, and the second from what you desire to expect from others.

“I expect my behavior to reflect the following _________ (fill in the blank).”

“I expect the behavior of other to reflect the following ________ (fill in the blank).”

Review your list. Is this a reasonable expectation? Clear your mind and decide what is reality and what is not possible or feasible at this time. Alter and change your list to fit the truth. If you need help, complete the form below and ask me a question.

With Love,


Manage Your Expectation Series 1.PNG
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A High Level Time Of Empowerment

  • I’m giving you 10 days from today to level up. Stretch yourself.

  • Pick one thing you’d like to up-level.

  • Write down 10 steps to get you there.

  • Do each step each day for 10 days. Have questions? submit your question below.

It’s time to get to it!!!

Name *

Heal For The Children Campaign

Join Smart Love Moves this Summer and tell us what you’re doing to enhance your growth on your self-love journey. Send us a video clip or voice memo recording sharing what steps you’re taking to be your best self. We are better parents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents when we practice self-healing, behavior change, and are open to perception change. Let’s go higher in our thinking and be better for our children. Make Smart Love Moves and be an example to the children around you. Your child may be 10 months of age or 42 years of age. The time is now!

This Summer we're expecting you to share, teach, spread hope and share your story. We can’t wait to hear from you. Send your video or voice recording to info(at)elsieblass.com. Share your social media link or hashtag and we’ll feature you in our Smart Love Moves podcast.

Heal For The Children 3.PNG

This campaign touches my heart in ways I can’t explain in detail. My story runs so deep. My parents were someone’s child. Had they healed themselves from their childhood experiences, I wouldn’t have experienced my own childhood trauma.

‘Heal Yourself’ is also inspired by the many years it has taken me to heal from my childhood all the while raising my children and ensuring that most of the family character traits and hindering behaviors stop with my own sweat and tears. I’ve fought to break barriers, stumbling blocks and family trauma found in our bloodline.

When you’re breaking family habits and roadblocks, you’ll find that it takes courage, energy, time, body ailments and hinderances. It also brings on mental and emotional struggles - as well as still having to perform at work, at home, and at all the family functions. One would conclude that an emotional breakdown is in order.


Receiving support as you move forward and become a better parent, stepparent, friend, and or family member is important to your journey. The Heal For The Children Campaign chooses you. You are to choose a child that inspires hope in you. Use this love and higher thought to encourage you to press on and push through.

My daughter (16) and my son (10) have been a great inspiration for me to be the best version of myself and to ensure that I provide a healthy and whole version. A version that can support their growth and one that can help extend their life expectancy.

I will move mountains for them. Who will you move a mountain for?


Please sign-up for our newsletter to receive more information. Check back here on our blog to receive up to date information on other ways you can participate and what fun activities we’ll be doing online and in your local community.

With Love,



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