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We're excited to offer you the most up to date information on all things life + love related. Smart Love Moves is proud to present content that will help you on your journey. If you have content you'd like to hear next month email us at info@selfloveresearch.com. We look forward to creating content that will serve you for your highest GOOD. 

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Subscriber Teachings


teachings on Life 

The teachings listed here are spiritually based, on business and career goals, small or large goals, money, and your relationship with each interaction you have in your life. 


teachings on Love

These love teachings are based on your relationship with people, places, and things you encounter in your intimate and not so intimate relationships (business  dealings).  Truth is found here. 


Teachings on the Self 

The following teachings are offered for a closer relationhsip with the Self (self-love), a higher power, and a relationship with your mind, body, soul and spirit. A journey worth investing in.