Video Therapy Sessions


Video Therapy Sessions

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Weekly audio coaching sessions that bring clarity, peace of mind, understanding, wisdom, tools, behavior change, and perception shifts. My non-invasive therapy and an up-level in emotional intelligence is the best kept secret of 2018.

You’ll receive:

  • Four 60-90 minute (video) one-on-one sessions per month for 3 months (12 sessions)

  • Accessable weekly with my on the go VIDEO walkie talkie coaching sessions for ALL my traveling clients.

  • PDF coaching tools and resources.

  • Bonus ‘Self-Love Master Class’ weekly audios sent to your inbox.

  • Smart Love Moves newsletters and special treats and deals to top it all off.

Walkie Talkie sessions consist of using the Marco Polo App. Click to learn more about the apps features. You and I will send videos with updated information and you’ll receive coaching video responses from around the globe.

A commitment of 3 to 6 months is required. The first three months you’ll learn new skills and the remaining 3 months is the application process of the material learned and explored. This will also give time to experiencing 1:1 high vibrational and transformational coaching. Have a question about this package? Ask Me Here!

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