Self-Love Therapy

Self-love therapy package Artwork.PNG
Self-love therapy package Artwork.PNG

Self-Love Therapy

2,000.00 every month for 8 months

“Welcome to my up to date style of doctoral coaching. This is unlike no other. Contact me for a complimentary session today. With love, Els”

One-on-one coaching sessions that bring clarity, peace of mind, understanding, wisdom, tools, behavior change, and perception shift due to non-invasive therapy and an up-level in emotional intelligence on a biological level. When rewiring the brain and creating behavior change on a cellular level is produced by my level of coaching, you’ll be able to see instant results in your well-being. I waste no time in showing you what is possible.

Great for those who are new to therapy, are intermediate or advanced and understand the quality of mental and emotional health.

Have you experienced….

  • Break-up

  • Divorce

  • Career change

  • Self-love deficiency (lack of self-love in a given area)

  • A lack in relationship intelligence

  • Life change

  • Healing from trauma

  • Healing of a past situation(s), issue(s), concern(s)

  • Illness or disease in the body

  • Body fitness + health movements are explored

You’ll receive:

  • Forty-eight 1.5 hour phone sessions (4 sessions a month for 12 months) (phone or video sessions)

  • Unlimited access to text, emails and on the go video walkie talkie coaching sessions for traveling clients.

  • PDF coaching tools and resources.

  • Free access to audio teachings

  • A personal private page on our site where you’ll see updates to your progress every Monday morning

  • Session recap emails

  • Weekly mantras + affirmations created by elsie based on your personal goals

  • Personalized videos for your journey

  • Teaching audios tailored to your needs, mission and goals

  • Bonus ‘Self-Love Master Class’ weekly audios sent to your inbox.

  • Smart Love Moves newsletters and special treats and deals to top it all off.

You can pay in advance: Choose which payment option you’d like by clicking the drop down arrow below.

A commitment of 3 to 6 months is required. The first three months you’ll learn new skills and the remaining 3 months is the application process of the material learned and explored. This will also give time to experiencing 1:1 high vibrational and transformational coaching.

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