Self-Love Coaching + Therapy Biohack: A 3-Hour VIP Session

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3-hour healing therapy.PNG

Self-Love Coaching + Therapy Biohack: A 3-Hour VIP Session

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Self-Love Coaching + Therapy Biohack: A 3-Hour VIP Session 

  • Healing + breaking free (audio)

  • Get in touch with Self (audio)

  • Phone session (3-hours)

Biohack Therapy - Scientifically Proven

Heal years in minutes and heal days in seconds. A catapulted healing and theraputic experience. A refreshing renewal of the mind and heart. A release from your chest and a weight lifted from your back.

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Our cells choose our path. Our cells are subjected to our thinking and past experiences. This form of therapy places healing within your cellular capacity. A cell to cell communication system that gives your cells a chance to choose right for you next time.

The body’s immune system reconizes the self. It determines cellular boundaries and identities. The nervous system navigates psycholoigal boundaries and identities. The basic job of our immune cells is to recognize "self" and "other" while joining forces with your brain, gut, beliefs, and hormones.

The immune cells are secondary sensory systems that sniff out danger. If trauma or loss have been experienced, the cells in the body will identify danger (or unhealthy people). Due to the experiences during trauma having an association with love or what love was thought to be, the cells will choose the partnership each time that reflect an older cycle. This process will keep each of my clients in a loop and cycle that is out of their own control.

There are certain kinds of immune cells that can actually remember a previous invader and protect us should it attack again. Immune cells document all smells, colors, shapes, and patterns that may be tied to a traumatic event or other experiences that are important to us.


A cell’s way of life: What makes it alive? Scientist agree that life is based on extreamly large, complex, and carbon-containing molecules. Life is presented because the carbon atom posses bonding properties, and are able to connect to others in a variety of forms. For something to be alive, it must be able to do the following:

  • Have the ability to grow and reproduce (make more of itself)

  • Inherit and pass on genetic intelligence

  • Find and use food metabolize (transform food to energy and raw materials)

  • Discard waste

  • Sense and respond to stimuli

  • Adapt to the envirionment

  • Maintain structural integrity and repair

What you should know about your cells:

  • Our cells eat, breathe, assimilate and eliminate and recycle.

  • Cells recycle atoms

  • Cells regenerate energy (cells recycle spent energy when you rest and replenish the body)

  • All cells are individual and independent, all work as a community to offer a constant state of re-creation, balance, and communication to you the keeper of the body.

  • A cell cannot survive on its own, it will program it’s own death. Molecules and cells are continually removed and replaced.

  • We inherit genetic programs for our cellular indentity markers from our parents. These markers indicate our immune responses, they also provide an unexpected distinguishing characteristics reaching the invisible microscopic "self."

What is the HLA?

The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system or complex is a gene complex encoding the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) proteins in humans. These cell-surface proteins are responsible for the regulation of the immune system in humans (Google definition). In 1995, biologist Claus Wedeekind researched the theory that HLA differences were connected to sexual attraction between men and women. HLA markers raised in levels when a college campus held a study during an experiment - while raising the arousal through ‘smell testing’ another student's scented shirt (Barret, S. 2013).

There are four phases of the healing and breakthrough framework. I take you through each portion of the framework through a series of questions, emotional, mental, and physical exercises that allow the healing to transpire. This is a non-invasive coaching and therapy session that is sure to offer you the liberation you’ve been searching for. Before the framework is conducted, you will have the opportunity to listen to the audios that are a pre preparatory to the session on the day of your choosing.

Healing + Breakthrough Session Framework

  • Phase One: Intake questionnaire and indentify cycle(s)

  • Phase Two: Intake questionaire and reflection of cycle(s)

  • Phase Three: Review the cycle and its fusion

  • Phase Four: Heal and break (current) cycle.

Resources on cellular activity: Behavioral Neuroscience 8th Edition By Breedlove and Watson 2017, The Handbook of Stress Science By Contrada and Baun 2011, Secrets To Your Cells - By Sondra Barrett 2013
*Many other research materials were documented during the strudy of healing on a biological level. The finding in this program are effective and a fast acting agent to assist in quick and a trust worthy transformation for the self.