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We are looking for another name for our TV program. It is called Smart Love Moves. We are looking for another way to classify our title. - Dr. E

An oasis away from the city. 

Step away from the hustle and bustle! Dive into your phone, tablet, t.v., or laptop for some REALLY SMART MOVES. In Elsie’s extraordinary humor and insightful truths you’ll find her suddenly bringing out your best SELF.  With props that grab your attention and stories that will help you add guidance to your everyday life experiences, she’ll entertain you in a way that up-levels you with ease. 

Release Date: February 2018

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Self-Love + Health Psychology TV

“I started the podcast and people loved it. They wanted more and video was the next best thing. I remember the first time someone text me a picture of me on their living-room T.V. They were watching my videos with their mom and sharing Smart Love Moves with family. That’s when I knew I had to prepare a season for something so profound. It’s a special thing when someone brings you into their home. Something in me had to honor that. SLM is my baby and I treat it with care. Making smart love moves isn’t always easy, but we start to weigh out the cost of not making them and then we just start. You don’t have to make smart love moves just because you watch the show. It will just start to happen over time because whatever we invest time and energy in becomes us. So just be you and in being you, a higher version of yourSELF will appear.” -El


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She’s freakin hilarious

“El has a way of making you think and in a blink of an eye you find yourself laughing. She really knows how to keep your interest and explains things so smoothly.”

— Jicard F

Man, she’s so cool

“She’s just such a cool person, and if you get a chance to sit down with her and pick her brain, you’ll feel like she’s another Tony Robbins or Eckhart Tolle. She’s right up their with them.”

— Kent Broward

Sweet spirit and a great mind

“Elsie has a way of encouraging the best part of you to show up. There’s no pressure. It’s all in your time and all in good fun. I love her spirit and great mind!”

— Susie Scott


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