Our Programs

Our programs offer you intellegence within the one topic or topics you resgister for. Each program is deigned to assist the learner in life skills. Self-Love Research + Biomedical Department will provide tools as well as introduce new concepts for self-evolution, healing and restoring, and perception reassessment. Our programs also provide a safe coaching atmosphere where our learners and participants feel enhanced by change and emotional growth. SRBC also uses our programs to continue in our self-love research for updates on behavior change and self-modification. 


Elsie Blass LLC Center Departments

Mind Matters Department (MMD)

The brain and mind of a person is important to the function of one's life and movement and or the lack of their development. The biochemistry and health of the brain is needed for proper flow and function. The mind in it's complexity is direct in it's response to the world it communicates with. Perception change, blood flow and hydration are important here at SRBC. The longevity of a beautiful brain will serve you in more ways than one. That is our commitment to you. 

Biomedical + Body Care Department (BBCD)

Our biomedical, physiology and body care department is a fortress to full body power.  Fitness and nutrition play a role in the inner and outer care that an indivudual puts into it. With the right tools and resources, you'll be able to look and feel your best self.  If you suffer from acute or chronic pain, we will give you a health psychology analysis, coping skills, and tools to accommodate your current lifestyle and health concerns. Our BBCD team works with a high-quality medical databases to ensure we work through any problem as best as we can.

Spiritual Soul Department (SSD)

A spirit resides in a body to be the essence of breath and depth of one's being. The spirit is just one part of the self. It knows your story from beginning to end. Your spirit wants a relationship with your mind. Your spirit wants a relationship with your body. Your spirit wants a relationship with your soul (e.g. mind, will, emotions). Start this wonderful journey with one of our teachers. Your journey may or may not include a religious belief system. All are welcome. 

Relational Care Department (RCD)

Our Relationship Department gives care to those who seek wisdom and understanding. A group of power house problem solvers dedicated to the well-being of all your relationship dealings. We strive to bring you success and or closure of any relationship you'd like to focus on. We all have a relationship with people, places, and things. We specialize in helping you move organically into a flow. Our team is dedicated to being an observer and NOT a judge of any one person, situation or circumstance. It is the only way you'll be able to move freely in the world.