Our Mission

It is a great pleasure to reach our neighbors near or far. We hunger and thirst to bring knowledge to those who can use a helping hand. Our mission includes reaching parents and children, and teaching them healthy relationship and behavior tools. We coach singles and couples on relationship topics and have raised success rates reaching our highest goal for 2017. Coaching and teachings are provided to all who qualify. Our desire is to work with people who are ready for change and an up-leveling. 

SLM enjoys hosting workshops for men and women on growth and behavior modification topics. Teaching self-love and the need of it has helped thousands of families unite and has built lasting connections. Self-love is about maintaining the Self and maintaining your other relationships (e.g. people, places, and things). 


A Signature Program is a MUST HAVE asset for creating a body of work and the life you desire to live. It makes a difference on a grand scale.

A Signature Program can be described as...

  • A "how to" process I have developed that you can put into practice right away.

  • A “Signature Process” and “Signature System” I’ve created that gets your mind in position.

  • A solution to your most pressing concerns. I have yet to be stumped on how to help someone solve a problem.

  • Self-love has been my research subject since I was 9 years of age. I began behavior change and self-modification in elementary school. My writings and teachings followed as a young adult, and were made whole during my PhD program beginning in 2017 at Walden University.

  • When you learn how to master yourSelf, the thread that ties you to your success will be locked in position and will make it that much simpler for you to move in the direction of your dreams.

What is different from my Self-Love Signature Program is that I connect you to your higher self, heart space, mental programming, and I help you work on your fitness and nutrition goals - so your outside reflects the change that has occurred within. The fitness and nutrition portion of the program is optional. Not all self-love coaches have their fitness and nutrition in position or teach this portion in their signature programs. I offer you a LIFE + LOVE Transformation that you won’t be able to deny.

It’s a lot of fun and serious life hacking moments in a short amount of time. It took me 14 years to transform. This program has saved my client (66yrs) in 4 years. This program has saved another client (36 yrs) in 2 years. It has saved another client (38yrs) in just 3 months. It depends on what work has been done prior to our work together and other life factors and experiences.

With my SIGNATURE PROGRAM process, you will learn the simplest way to create movements so you can parlay it into multiple income streams with minimal work, work through family dynamics and structures for your growing family, and will help you make the right moves in your life goals as we asses and tailor the program to ALL of your pending needs.

“SLS Life Program changes you on a cellular level.”

Elsie Blass PhD Student



"Emotional intelligence is received even from a young mind, and a young mind touches many hearts."

— Donovan Mafnas, SLM Volunteer


Details of the Self-Love Model are coming soon...

Our Research

We teach and encourage our learners and participants to engage in maintaining the self through mind stimulation and learning meditation styles. Our learners also learn to maintain a relationship with their spirit, soul, and heart. All speak and all have a voice. We help connect you to source. Every year we seek new ways to bring peace of mind through perception change and teaching the self-love model. 

SLM doctors and health professionals work together to revisit self-love concepts and behavior change to enhance the learner's quality of life and our work is designed to extend the life expectancy of all of our participants, affiliates, learners, and staff members. 

We stand at a high regard in terms of our services and privacy. Our research is conducted under extreme care. We are dedicated to adhering to the APA Psychology Manual and Code of Conduct.