Magical Healing Session


Magical Healing Session

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If you need healing in the following areas and are serious about healing than this session is for you.

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

This holistic healing session is a 3-day process. You may need more than one healing session. Just as you work with any physician, you may be asked to follow a regimen, revisit for a follow-up session and given a perscription. 

For three days you will be asked to not eat the following items: This is designed to open your spirit to a higher vibration. Some of my perscriptions will include other regimens to follow. 

  • Onions
  • High sugar content items (donuts, cakes, cookies, cereal, soda)
  • Please drink at least a half of a gallon to a full gallon each day

You must believe. When doubt creeps in, you must be strong enough to shift and resist. This healing process is one that I will follow also prior to your healing session. We will raise to another vibration together. 

This is included in your Magical Holistic Healing Session:

  • One 60-minute session. We may go over on our time. Please prepare for up to 2 hours.