Our Impact

SLM has been reaching out to local communities through event participation, social media post and interaction, hosting online webinars, teleseminars, teachings and our Smart Love Moves podcast. 

Self-Love is known to help build up relationships, create behavior change, heal hearts, unlock minds, and assist in maintaining high self-esteem. Urban communities and non-rural areas are all in need of life + love coaching and life plans to meet desired goals. Each of our teams specialize in reaching multiple people groups to impact productive change. 


Community Outreach


Smart Love Moves has been facilitating programs since 2002. Our founder Elsie Blass, has been working with diverse communities such as the LGBT, Black, White and Latino population to help heal the minds of those who would like to work through past hurts and those that want to create a new standard of living, breathing and interacting with the world. 

Community Programs

  • Self-Love For Teens

  • LGBT Healing + Power

  • Relationship + Love Maintenance

  • Healing For Break-ups

  • City Love (Single + Dating Strategies)

  • Health + Life Change (weight gain and loss)

  • Meal Plans + Meal Preparatory

  • Self-Love For Adults

Within each program we’re able to research the true struggle of life balance while participants are looking to extend their life expectancy and create an atmosphere of wellness. Our research shows that health and extending life expectancy is not usually a priority. Many cultures are not aware of the many ingredients causing them harm (e.g. make-up, toiletries, radiation, parabens and silicones in many body care and beautifying products, salt and sugar intake in food, seasonings and drinks).

Our goal is to continue to bring up to date information to our students, participants, followers, teachers and staff. We seek to ensure that lives are healed and saved. In 2018, SLM is looking to bring health awareness and extend the life expectancy of our tribe members. 

SLM chose two marked methods to lead communities to a higher way of thinking and moving. Both methods used reflected clear results on reaching groups in different financial brackets and offered each group, lower + middle and those who make 6-7 figure earnings, an opportunity to up-level in their sailing living.



Self-Love Research + Teachings Timeline:

Founder Elsie Blass started her research and quest to teach the self-love philosophy in 2002. Her timeline is part of her journey of freedom. 

2002-2005 Youth Development + LGBT Youth

2005-2010 Elsie's Advice (online radio show)

2010-2013 Relationship Therapist + Blogger Columist 

2014-2017 Life + Love Coach

2018 Philosopher of Health Psychology + Behavioral Scientist

To extend life expectancy is to teach truths that are easy, simple and relatable.  Awareness is the first step. People then understand the risk and are not ready to make the changes necessary. They move on to wanting to change but not knowing how and then reach the point of  'learning and applying' to making the changes for self-care (e.g. behavior modification). Help us reach more people by sharing our site with your family and friends. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Thank you for allowing us to help you and support you through life. We wish you well!

With Love,

SLM Team

Our students and followers have reached hundreds of people from all ages since 2001 (early stages of the self-love exploration). Perception and behavior change has been one of our leading focal points to extend life expenctancy and healthy lifestyle choices. Our desire is to enrich the quality of life of all those we encounter. Our love for people and their peace of mind makes our mission of reaching as many as we can that much more exciting. Individuals have healed in our safe and loving environment, and have created a new life and way of living and being. Marriages have been saved, and coping skills have been taught for chronic circumstances and illnesses. Weight loss and weight gain has risen by 30% in the last 5 months for those wanting to explore body transformation. We teach our followers how to up-level in mind and body. These are just some of the many things we help others do. Hundreds of adults and children were impacted by our Love Campaign in 2017 and we're looking to reach many more in 2018. We’ve impacted over 400 souls and have provided teachings on topics related to emotional and physical abuse, health + fitness, self-love, relationship enhancements, business and entrepreneurial decision making within specified industry, transgender acceptance, LGBT community concerns, and healthy relationships and lifestyle choices. Our specific industry research will offer you the best movements for success. Be a part of our rising research!