IG Stories: Self-Love Therapy Subscription


IG Stories: Self-Love Therapy Subscription

25.00 every month

Daily Post

Daily Self-Love Therapy Stories in my private ‘Close Friends List’

  • 2 Weekly Self-Love Therapy Coaching Sessions (submit your daily questions, concerns, issues of life and love. Receive high-vibration coaching through IG Stories ‘Close Friends Group.’

  • Weekly Meditation Session

  • Weekly Pool Sessions: Water therapy session (video pool + healing therapy)

  • Weekly Stretching + Fitness Sessions

  • Weekly Affirmation Sessions

What topics will we cover each week and each month?

  • Life

  • Love

  • Self-love

  • Relationships

  • Business

  • Health (acute or chronic pain)

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Money Mindset