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Behavior Modification + Extending Life Expectancy

Our Mission:


We teach the tools to become an innovator. We offer truth within the self-modification processors of the Self (e.g. mind, body, spirit, soul). We offer the scientific formula from The Self-Love Model, created by our founder and human behavior researcher Elsie Blass (PhD student), to extend the life expectancy of all cultures and groups. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to teach behavior change and extend life expectancy through the self-love model. Our goal is to help leaders, partners, medical professionals, students, and all cultures and people groups learn the philosophy of self-love to create healthy relationships and living.

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Our Impact

Our students and followers have reached hundreds of people from all ages since 2001 (early stages of the self-love exploration). Perception and behavior change has been one of our leading focal points to extend life expenctancy and healthy lifestyle choices. Our desire is to enrich the quality of life of all those we encounter. Our love for people and their peace of mind makes our mission of reaching as many as we can that much more exciting. Individuals have healed in our safe and loving environment, and have created a new life and way of living and being. Marriages have been saved, and coping skills have been taught for chronic circumstances and illnesses. Weight loss and weight gain has risen by 30% in the last 5 months for those wanting to explore body transformation. We teach our followers how to up-level in mind and body. These are just some of the many things we help others do. Hundreds of adults and children were impacted by our Love Campaign in 2017 and we're looking to reach many more in 2018. We impacted over 400 souls and have taught on topics related to emotional and physical abuse, transgender acceptance, LGBT community concerns, and healthy relationships and lifestyle choices. Be a part of our rising research!



Thousand Dollars 

We're raising money to reach out to our community. Donations received will provide help to those needing life coaching who cannot otherwise afford it (ages 24-55). It will create opportunities to reach ages 10-16, as well as teach teens self-management and self-efficacy. Your donations will also help those who suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases, as well as provide health psychology and medical care.



Years Serving communities

For years we've researched self-love and an individual's relationship with people, places, and things. In our research, we have explored the make up of the mind, the body and the spirit of  people from around the world. SRBC (Self-love Research + Biomedicine Center) is dedicated to creating healthy change. Our focus for 2018 is to visit rural areas and urban communities to teach emotional intelligence.



Thousand adults + Teens + Children Impacted

Self-love has changed the way people interact with each other. A person's relationship with the Self and their relationships are enriched and developed with care. We teach non-judgment and how becoming an observer can be of service to you and your loved ones. We believe in a future where people thrive instead of survive. 



Coaching + Interventions

acute and chronic illness spring hill florida.jpg

Acute and chronic illness intervention

A diagnosis can alter our attitude, our daily functions, and our lifestyle as a whole. Our intervention dives into if there is an actual cure and if not, what you can do to alleviate as much distress and discomfort as possible (e.g. physical, mental, emotional). We offer different ways of interacting with yourSELF, your family and friends, and help you maintain healthy relationships as you continue with a list of healthy coping skills. Your diagnosis we'll provide us with truths to offer nutritional meal options and lifestyle changes that can help minimize or eventually eliminate the use of medication.

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Life intervention

Where in your life do you feel you need to structure and would like direction? Our team focuses on nutritional awareness, meal preparation, and specialized dietary needs for your body type and biology. We strive in helping you meet career goals, money disciplines, and helping you establish healthy relationships with people, places and things. SRBC researches the latest tools and concepts, while teaching behavior change, fitness routines, mental health therapy session, life style coaching skills and so much more. We offer a holistic strategic approach to targeting health outcomes to give you peace of mind and body.

love coach  self-love intervention.jpg

Love intervention

Self-love and the love you experience with people, places, and things are all united and connected to your upbringing, experience, and your perception. In order to have the best quality in each of the sub topics listed above, you must generate opportunities to create behavior change. We appreciate your movement in this world. By completing our 'love assessment,' we'll understand the direct connection you've established on a biological level. By altering your biology in a non-invasive way, we provide direction, tools, new defaulted patterns that will ensure healthy love interpretations. Healing and moving on from passed relationships creates solitude.


ptsd intervention

"I struggled with PTSD for 4 years before I knew I was suffering. I used both unhealthy and healthy coping skills that I picked up along the way. Habits that helped and hurt caught my attention; and there I was a psychologist in a therapy session. -Elsie" For some, PTSD is their interaction with 'war' and other military experience, and for others, it is the daily mental, emotional, and or physical 'war/abuse' they experience within their family unit or within their community. Our scientific method for coping, surviving and thriving will allow you the opportunity to take back control over a series of therapeutic sessions. We're a safe place for your thoughts & feelings.


anxiety + Depression intervention

The feeling of not being able to breathe, feeling the weight of emotional pressure between the neck and right above the chest, struggling to control thoughts, and submitting to unhealthy emotions is all a sign of 'emotional abuse to the Self. ' It is not always done intentionally. It's not always done because it's enjoyed. If you could stop, you would. Rewiring the brain and changing your physiology and biology, in a non-invasive way, gives 'power back to the Self. ' Learning how to heal and cope are done by first working with a professional that can guide you step-by-step towards living a new life. In order to enroll, you must be willing to push through discomfort.


Get Involved

Donate Time - Be a part of offering help to those in your area. Are you a life coach, health coach, trainer, medical professional,  or spiritual advisor and can volunteer time either using our online platform or hosting workshops to our follower, learners, teachers and staff? We'd love to share you with our self-love community.  

Monetary Donations are another way to get involved. SRBC visits low-income, middle-class, and upper-class communities. We know that what we all have in common is a lack of knowledge and resources in self-love, extending life expectancy, and relationship wellness. Your donations have help reach hundreds of adults and children around the U.S. thus far. Health psychology is a priority, and we'd love for you to join us in the pursuit to helping others thrive. 


Sign Up For a Program

The is a free self-love course given once a month. Our teleclass was created with the beginner, intermediate and world class self-love community in mind.

Volunteer opportunities

SRBC is looking for health and relationship professionals to be a part of our team. Our volunteers work with communities to teach, train and share knowledge.

Make a Donation

Help us make a difference!  We teach health awareness. We use donations to provide for our staff, fund workshops, and events that are free to the public. 



Welcome to SRBC

I’m here to share my journey and teach truths that heal, restore, guide and transcend any mind that is ready for perception change. We are all strong and powerful. All we need are tools and resources to reach our life + love goals.  Visit my podcast.

About EB

Elsie Blass, Founder


Teaching love Since 2001

I have known Elsie for years. She has helped me to grow and excel personally and professionally. Elsie provides a safe space to look within yourself and the support to be the best you can be!

Tara Marie (owner)

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