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Dr. Elsie Blass

Health Psychologist + Loveologist + Social Scientist and Certified Life Coach

'The Holistic Doctor'

+ Emotional Intelligence

+ Manage the Self

+ Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Health (tools + cures).

Let’s Rock and Roll!


Life + Love Coaching that caters to your journey. Welcome to your home away from home.



Self-Love: Health Psychology Podcast


These downloadable teachings are designed to help you on the go. Motivations and wisdom for your every day life. Share them with your friends and help make this world smarter.  Let’s create a life that is fulfilling and moving. You’re ready for Smart Moves that enrich your money, your love life, your self-love and your relationship with people, places and things. 

High Vibe Coaching Sessions 


What if the best version of yourself shows up? What kind of life could you have? Get started and find out what it feels like to make that happen. Your future SELF is ready for you to make Smart Love Moves. One-on-one coaching that brings the right you forward. Mobile coaching, because we all have a life outside of growing + evolving. Open enrollment.

Self-Love: Health Psychology TV

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Self-Love + Health Psych has always been an important aspect of moving through life. It makes things easier and smoother. Why not learn and feel a life of satisfaction from your home? Life is about living and living sweetly.  Self-Love: HP TV is designed to bring entertainment while assisting in your evolution. Let’s become wiser in our dealings. Coming 2018.


Blog: Self-Loveology

“Dr. El knows how to unite the mind and body. Her holistic approach and service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!” - Lynn + Kenia