High Vibrational Coaching

In high vibe coaching, both coach and client are ready to explore all facets to create opportunities for growth through self-awareness and by taking action. An outline of steps and discussions will be presented based on the goals and need of each individual client, even if coach and client are working with a group of 5 clients or more.

While working together you will learn easy to learn tools and will be able to use them in real life situations while in the care of a life coach. You will experience the New Self in a safe and loving environment. Your foundational truths will rise within you and align with your life journey as you continue to meet your desired goals.

Helping you maintain your whole body for wholeness and maintenance.

Pick any life topic and a plan will be created and tailored to meet your ideal goals.

  • Mental Health 
  • Heart Health
  • Body health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Soul Health
  • and everything in between

Session Minutes

Choosing a 30/40/60 or 90 minute session is your choice. You’ll still receive the same results just in a shorter amount of time per session. Ideally it is based on a personal preference. Most clients are traveling or their work schedule allows for a break of some sort. Review your lifestyle and personality type and see what amount of time will work well for you. You can adjust the amount of time you’d like in a session to fit each season in your life. 


Pushing Through

Client must be willing to push through discomfort to reach opportunities to experience an awakening.

The awakening process happens over and over again throughout the client’s experience - up-leveling the client over a period of time.

The client must be willing to expand their way of thinking and adjust to new habits and ways of movement in the world. The transformation of the Self is then manifested and change is inevitable.  



$188/60 minute session Sun-Thu
$280/90 minute session Sun-Thu

Additional Option

$125/40 minute session Sun-Thu
$94/30 minutes Sun-Thu

*Available Friday mornings.



You helped me save my life.

“I was in a state of confusion and brokenness. With Elsie, I healed from a 5 year relationship, released harbored feelings from being fired from a job I had over 7 years ago, and the truths I knew from my father cheating on my mother while I was in college. I’m 62 and starting fresh.”

— Sharon J

Judgement free coaching

“I shared so much with Elsie. She made me feel safe. I would leave my composition journals with her. I couldn’t leave them at home, I was afraid my wife would find them and judge my thoughts and feelings. I enjoyed the confidentiality and the freedom to change in a safe environment. I wanted to be a better man for my wife. I became a better man for myself. My wife was the bonus. ”

— Tito Clark

Attracting safe people

“I kept attracting unavailable women. They were either in a relationship or were in the middle of a breakup. I would also sabotage my relationships in fear of being hurt or rejected. It was a tough time in my life. El helped me shift my mindset and taught me about attracting safe people. I’m forever grateful.”

— Leonard S. 


Your future SELF is waiting.

Open the door to truth and healing. Feel satisfied with life.