Q: What is the difference between the Signature Packages and Self-Love Therapy?

A: The Self-Love Therapy Treatment is a holistic form of coaching therapy that is provided through a series of phases. Phase 1-4 or Phase 1-6 is designed to promote a transformational change on a biological level - where instant results are manifested. The noninvasive treatment plan heals each story from your past and helps you learn the tools and skills you need to participate in any current situation with ease. The rewiring of the brain is offered to bring healing to the relationship you have with yourself and the relationships you have with people, places, and things. This treatment plan is designed to heal every aspect of your life. The self-love philosophy will be taught and a self-love intensive is provided so you’ll be guaranteed success in mastering the self and in mastering your life. If you’ve chosen either of these packages, you’ll be considered a patient of Elsie Blass LLC. With 24-hour support and care, Elsie is by your side as your body will be responding to the treatment. You can travel the world as you’re in the treatment program. Please be sure to bring all insurance information, especially when leaving the country. Sessions are conducted over the phone or through video. This mental health therapy is conducted through sound and guided physiological action response steps - which breaks up the initial programing during childhood and or adulthood.

The Signature Programs are designed to help you heal the past in a shorter amount of time. We choose a few stories that you have been unable to heal on your own. If you’re in need of a life transformation, the Self-Love Therapy program may be right for you. If you’re in need of a pick me up or self-love mastery style of movement, one of the Signature Programs may be right for you. If you’re unsure, contact Elsie here and receive a free strategy call to explore which program or package is right for you.

Q: Who do I call if there is an emergency?

A: If you’re having an emergency, please contact 911. You will have Elsie’s cell number just in case you need Els to show up and save the day, or if you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason.

Q: Can I cancel my sessions at any time?

A: You can cancel with Smart Love Moves and/or Elsie Blass at anytime. Please provide 24-hour notice. If cancellation is less than 24-hour notice, your session may be considered a loss.

Q: If I’m not going to make it to a session on time, what do I do?

A: Please call or text Elsie to cancel. You must cancel 24 hours ahead of time in order to make up a session. All sessions without a cancellation notice will be considered a loss.

Q: Is my privacy protected?

A: Yes! SML and E. Blass has a high end clientele that need the highest of privacy protection. We keep our clients and patients names and personal information in our top secret server.

Q: What can I learn from this site, company and affiliates?

A: You’ll learn how to maintain you as a whole, maintain healthy relationships, explore and solidify business dealings and so much more! Please click around for more insight as to how SML and EB can be of service to you.

Have a question that you didn’t see here? Please contact us as soon as you’re able.