Dirty Echo - You Make Me Feel

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You Make Me Feel.PNG

Dirty Echo - You Make Me Feel


Hi Love!

This song is called Dirty Echo - You Make Me Feel. This 3 min sound is designed for men and women to move the body slowly into stretch positions that create satisfaction in the privacy of your sexual desires. Whether you’re sharing this moment with your partner or alone to practice poses that enhance desire, you will benefit from listening to this echo sound.

“Get into comfortable clothing and relax your body before moving and stretching to these echo sounds.”

I have a morning class coming up, if you’re interested in joining, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Stretching your body for more flexibility and sexual satisfaction

  • Learn new erotic moves to stretch muscle fibers and experience the enhancement of sexuality and self-esteem

  • Build confidence and power moves to kick start the best sex you’ve ever had

  • Open up the body cavity to prepare for touch and explorations

  • With either yourSelf or your partner in mind, gravitate toward loosening the body’s tension through movement therapy.

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