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Here is additional information about our donation program:

Your donations are used to heal people in mind and body. We keep you informed as to where your donations have been used and what resources are used to reach all people groups. 

SRBC creates community outreach programs to bring mental health and healthy living tools to urban city folks and country loving peeps. We take pride in reaching and teaching and loving people.

Your donations matter! It plays a roll in how many families are taught behavior change. This will not only save their life, but it will contribute to creating safer people in mind, body and soul in this world. 

Any donation size is felt with such garatitude. We're seeking to raise $10,000 a month to make a significant dent in our local communities. 

What we see in our research:

Kids - Feel unloved by parents. Lack quality time. Parents need to pour into their children mentally + emotionally.

Teens - Confusion and fear are driving forces to poor choices. Feelings of inadequacy and feeling unloved.

Adults - Struggle with healthy food choices for their body type and culture. Struggles with past and current pain and desire to  learn emotional intellegence  in certain areas within a life challenge. Struggle with acute and chronic illness. LGBT - Feelings of inadequacy, and feeling unloved. Past pain causes triggers.