How Split-brain Patients Demonstrate The Organization Of The Brain

What is split brain? Having the corpus callosum severed or absent, so as to eliminate the main connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. []

What causes split brain? Causes of split-brain syndrome. The primary cause of split-brain syndrome is intentional severing of the corpus callosum, partially or completely, through a surgical procedure known as corpus callosotomy []

Why is split brain surgery needed? Split-brain surgery, or corpus calloscotomy, is a drastic way of alleviating epileptic seizures, the occurrence of sporadic electrical storms in the brain. The procedure involves severing the corpus callosum, the main bond between the brain's left and right hemispheres. []


a drastic way of alleviating epileptic seizures

An explanation of how split-brain patients demonstrate the organization of the brain. 

Split brain individuals experience a surgical severe in the corpus callosum. This method prevents seizures while also halting the communication between both the right and left hemisphere. 

The organizational factors of the brain in patients who have experienced split brain is the interpretation of the communication given through language (Breedlove, S.M. 2017).

According to Breedlove (2017), right visual cortex stimulates the corpus callosum fibers. The information then transmits it to the left hemisphere. The information is then processed and brings about language. Likewise, when visual stimuli from the left field, it is then given to the right hemisphere. When the split takes place, the communication is then disconnected from a transmission. 

While hundreds of axons are severed without changing one’s behavior, it is still noted that the separation in communication bring an understanding of the one hemisphere is not able to travel for faster or initial clarity. Split brain individuals can read and verbally share words they’ve sent to the left hemisphere. However, the understanding of the objects shapes and drawings can provide clues as to what is been seen (Breedlove, S.M. 2017). 


the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

Similarities and Differences 


  1. Visual information can be confusing (Macqueen, 2011).

  2. Disconnection syndromes (Uddin, 2011)

  3. Self-representation evaluation and self-related processes (Uddin, 2011)

  4. Two hemispheres exist with different brain communication processes (Uddin, 2011).

  5. Information can still be processed through both hemispheres (Uddin, 2011).


  1. Different identities are formed (Macqueen, 2011).

  2. Sharing a brain with another human being (Uddin, 2011).

  3. Two hemispheres exist and surgically severed (Uddin, 2011).


Personhood in split-brain individuals explores self-representation and self-relating processes. They each have their own personalities, visual stimuli, and cues. Their processes are defined by the ability to explore self-recognition, ownership, and agency. Information can still be transferred through subcortical pathways only when the cortical commissures are no available.  (Uddin, 2011). 

The self can be explained through the following (Uddin, 2011):

Self Cognitive Phenomenon 

  • Psychology of the self - “Examined through face recognition.”

  • Physical aspects of the self - “Operationalized with studies examining autobiographical memory and self-knowledge.”

I hope you all enjoyed learning something new or reviewing my research and findings on split brain. There is so much more to this phenomenon. What is stated here are facts you can add to your knowledge base.

With Gratitude,



Breedlove, S.M. and Watson, N. V. (2017). Behavioral Neuroscience, 8th edition. Sunderland, MA: Sinnauer Associates, Inc.

Macqueen, K. (2011). Tatiana and Krista go to school: the twins, who tests confirm can see through each other's eyes, are making new friends in kindergarten. Rogers Publishing Ltd. Vol. 124 Issue 39, p26. Retrieved from

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Clear Out Your Heart

The heart is like a sponge. Water to a sponge is like the issues of life penetrating each fiber. It is important that you treat your heart as a scared substance that needs rinsing, to be emptied so that it can be of use once more.

Empty your heart from discomfort. It is your responsibility to clear yourSelf from any issues that life brings to you. It’s with pleasure that your heart will thank you.

How to clear out your heart.jpg

Clear Out Your Heart

How do you do this? How do you empty your heart?

What you’ll need:

  • Pen

  • Paper

  • Scheduled time

  • Quiet room

  • Open mindedness

  • No judgment only observation

Search your heart’s concerns. Your mind will give words to the issues in your heart. Process each story that brings you ailment and seek out healing for each one individually.

When you do these things you’ll extend your life expectancy. You will add value to your own life. You will bring peace to your body and will live long.

These are the blessings you provide yourSelf when you protect the heart and clear the mind of afflictions. Piece by piece will bring peace and more peace.

If this post has helped you on your journey to making smart love moves for yourSelf, please share this post with your friends and family.

Welcome to the Smart Love Moves Family!

Your Health Psychologist,


How Do People Become Gay?

As of today’s date this post will be valid until further research has been identified to prove otherwise. While most people believe you are born gay, others believe it is because of trauma or lack of love from the same sex that causes someone to be gay.

Please be mindful that this article was written by me for my professor during a PhD program in Health Psychology. Further data and research will serve in a more profound exploration as scientist continue to explore what scientist, philosophers, and researchers call a phenomenon.

For those of you with pending questions, here is science for you.

how do people become gay?.jpg

Article Summary 

The understanding of a phenomenon leaves data to speak of its truths, and by the same token may leave research with more to explore. The article chosen speaks of androgen as being a common composer to women being attracted to women, thus leading to a woman being a lesbian.  Men, on the other hand, have no common denominator as to how a man can become gay or whether they are gay from birth.

The meta-analysis sexual orientation difference study and research conducted indicates that lesbians were exposed to a larger amount of androgen than were straight women during the time they were developing in the womb. In addition, an even larger amount of prenatal androgen was exposed to fetal males. The article continues to clarify that this may be of greater understanding of why the majority of men are attracted to women (Breedlove, S.M. 2016).

Two Implications 

The two implications that the article explores is that of androgen being a common theme in research towards understating the development of sexual orientation in the womb for women, and, although gay men were exposed to the same amount of androgen as straight men, it still leaves the question as to what leads to sexual orientation during prenatal exposures for men (Yin, Norton, and Rahman, (2017). The second implication being prenatal and postnatal exposures and how they may contribute to orientational findings (Breedlove, S.M. 2016).

These two implications were explored to bring clarity to this phenomenon. ‘Gay men were sex-atypical in both male and female cognitive performance.’ In addition, homosexual women were sex-atypical only in favoring male cognitive traits and performances (Yin, Norton, and Rahman, (2017).

dan how do people become gay?.jpg

Concur or Conflict 

In reviewing multiple articles, a 1997 article reflected it’s truth by stating that there is “Too little known about the biology of the homosexual type for this research. Also, the weight of evidence suggests perinatal sexual differentiation as a developmental component in the sexual orientation of at least some homosexual men (McKnight, 1997).” The meta-analysis revealed that homosexual men performed like heterosexual women in both male-favoring (Yin, Norton, and Rahman, (2017). Hormonal studies were still being conducted during the time nor to bring understanding. 

In another 2017 study conducted by Burke, Manzouri, and Savic (2017), long white matter, water diffusion along the axon, and research conducted on parts of the brain’s anatomy (e.g. right inferior frontal-occipital tract, corticospinal tract, corpus callosum etc.) were all processed. In each article, there is one question that still remains unanswered.

cells-how do people become gay?.jpg

One Question Remains

Can sexual orientation be understood by science? Or can science really make sense of sexual orientation or even create further distinctions between two entities within sexual orientation? Or is the question really, can science make sense of how and when is sexual orientation truly developed? The underlying mechanism is considered and classified as unrevealed (Burke, Manzouri, and Savic, 2017).

What has been identified is the neurobiological hallmark between the neurobiological connections the body holds in the connection of the self and the perception of self, as well as body ownership. This too is a continual exploration of homosexuality among the transgender population as well (Burke, Manzouri, and Savic, 2017). 

Further studies will have to be explored. Does homosexuality begin in the stages of prenatal exposure or in postnatal experiences and exposure? Does it depend on these two facets? There are many unanswered questions, yet all are looking for evidence of possible truths to bring this hunger for clarity to rest. 


  • Breedlove, S.M. (2016). Prenatal influences on human sexual orientation: expectations versus data. Springer Science and Business Media New York. Vol 46 p1583–1592. Retrieved from DOI 10.1007/s10508-016-0904-2 

  • Burke, S. M., Manzouri, A. H., Savic, I. (2017). Structural connections in the brain in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation. Nature Publishing Group. Retrieved from DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-17352-8

  • McKnight, J. (1997). Chapter 2: A biology of homosexuality. University of Western Sydney, Macarthur. p19-64, Retrieved from ISBN: 9780415157735

  • Yin, X., Norton, S., Rahman, Q. (2017). Sexual orientation and neurocognitive ability: A meta-analysis in men and women. Institute of Psychiatr. Retrieved from

    E. Blass

Self-Love Master Class

Hi Love,

Welcome to the self-love master class. All of my clients have access to this page. Here you will be able to listen, download, and share the content that is available to you here. I value you and those you desire to see grow and to see become happy.

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Self-Love + Strong Will Power

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but so is your time. Your time is valuable. Your decisions can cause someone else to have their time wasted. How unfair is that?

Once you know what to do and what is best for you, do it! Do that very thing! Stop wasting precious time and energy going around and around and around, and in circles, while also jumping through hoops, struggling and waring with your mind, your heart and using your body (e.g. thoughts, feeling, body cravings/desires) as a stumbling block.

You're doing yourself a disservice. You're missing out on the very thing you truly desire to have or accomplish. With this in mind, take time to facilitate change by writing down the goal in mind, what needs to be done, when you’re going to start doing it, and then place a start date and time. Then DO IT! If something comes up and breaks your concentration or diligence, proceed to attempt again. Giving up is not an option. Your WILLpower will not work if you don’t WILL to do something. So build up your WILL. This happens in stages and levels. Accomodate to that. 


To WILL is to provide yourself with resources that will assist in your movement in that direction. Sometimes we need tools, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding in order to make sense of why a certain direction or choice should take place. 

Things To Remember:

  • Be aggressive with your desire and final outcome or results. 
  • Push through discomfort.
  • Fight reason and feelings for true results.
  • Be strong-willed and apply stubbornness to receive desired results. Be stubborn about the right things.
  • Read up and research why this choice is the right choice and despite your emotional upset, continue to review your notes and detailed phrases and terms that provide structure and clarity for continuing in this set mindset. 
  • Collect ideas, truths from friends, family, and enlightening content or social media post and write them down. Take them like a grain of salt. Their thoughts and feelings may not be your truths. Therefore, clarify what is right for you to believe.
  • Your emotions and memories will trigger movement back into a defaulted mindset and view of things. Your spirit and willpower can only take back hold of control once you have released memories and emotions and follow again the truth given by your research. 
  • Remember that you can save the day by applying your will to what serves your final outcome.
  • Don't waste time or energy. Don't waste the person(s) or parties involved. This pushes you to step into the now and deal with present issues to solidify change and growth and forward thinking, as well as movement. 

I hope this brief self-love post has given insight for structuring your WILLpower and given you a foundation to build off of. 

With Love,


4 Tunes That Help Enhance Your Well-being

Here are 4 AMAZING tunes that will change your physiology and enhance your well-being. Take a few moments to download them and create an atmosphere of peace. Allow this to be of service to you during this meditation session. 

These tunes blessed me very much today and I wanted to share that with you all. Incredible Friday! As I was listening to this magical music, I was also adding these videos to my story. Check it out!

Explore nature. Have intimate moments that create a sweeting life experience. Visit and search '4 Tunes That Enhance Your Well-Being.' Here you will find the tunes I was listening to while walking and having this intimate experience. There is no sound in this video.

P.S. I dedicate this post to every person who is an Alpha and desires passion and freedom.

With Love,

Dr. e

Self-Love Is A Phenomenon

What is self-love? What does it do? Who is it for? What does it mean? Who can use it? When can it be used? Why is it important? For year and to many people, self-love means selfish, self-centered and that may just conclude the words that they attach a negative conotation to. 


              Self-Love's True Form

I’ve often asked people what self-love means to them. Some say it means that you're selfish.

What are your thoughts of self-love?

Share your thoughts by emailing me here













What is self-love?

What does it do?

Who is it for?

What does it mean?

Who can use it?

When can it be used?

Why is it important?

MORE COMING SOON! WE'RE WORKING ON OUR BLOG LAUNCH! We love you all very much! We're here to serve you.