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Artist Corner - Gallery B. 

I have been an artist for 8 years now (on and off). I have been consistant the last 2 years and it has made me feel more alive than ever. Sharing my high vibe, positive painting and texture style with the world is such a pleasure. I love painting so much! I enjoy building textures onto a canvas and using colors that compliment it's form. I make one of a kind pieces. I do mix and match my textures with a customer's request. 

My art is designed to enrich a space and bring it life. My paintings have a way of making any space look more rich and enhanced. I love making a space look really expensive! I honor the psychology that is placed in each painting allowing for a happier more enriched life. 

Life + Love Coaching Pschologist

I am also in practice as a holistic psychologist and life coach for 12 years. My practice builds on the premise that within life’s challenges are opportunities for growth. My focus is to empower clients and patients by providing strategic ways to gain self-awareness, resolve the past and learn skills necessary to create successful lives. My goal is to provide a confidential, warm and caring, judge free atmosphere within my office practice. My goal is also to help you feel whole despite life’s challenges. 

Extra Things To Know: I enjoy lifting weights with my hubs. I have days I'd prefer to stay home. I eat healthy, and some days I'll throw in fast food. I love movies and music and staying home in mid to low light settings. :) 

I teach people about Self-love on my spare time. I help people elevate and share the soul’s journey. 

I teach people about Self-love on my spare time. I help people elevate and share the soul’s journey. 


InstaStory Live

InstaStory Live

I remember spending $3,000 in student loans for two art classes, while receiving my B.A. in 2008. I don't remember learning anything. I seriously don't. Painting, for me has been about trying things and liking or disliking and trying again and again. Feedback from my husband and or my two children is indeed helpful. We know the art piece has been perfected when we all just stand there. It's like, we can't take our eyes off of it. It just looks so cool. We'll put it up on a wall and watch it turn the space into a richer looking room. It's crazy how the paintings do this extraordiary thing all on their own. 

I make personalized modern looking abstract art that is designed to enhance a room in your home, your office or your hotel space. I can't help but to create and use colors and textures to add to someone's quality of life. 

I also work with people who are looking for change, growth and desire to uplevel their quality of life. Whether it is helping people through my coaching practice or creating art pieces that positively move the soul, I honor the part of me that seeks opportunities to up-level a human life.