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Smart Love Moves Media is dedicated to bringing you the latest in self-love research, relationship intelligence, awareness, and behavior modification through audio and video streaming capabilities. Founder and CEO Elsie Blass (PhD student), provides go to teachings that offer you life skills while adding value to your family and friends. Be a part of the #SmartLoveMoves family by hash tagging quotes and post that enlighten others on the journey to making right choices. These choices bring satisfaction rather than choices that cause you to waste time, energy and money. We strive in not being wasteful; and thrive on bouncing back with ease and care from life’s challenges.

Learn the tools you need to become an innovator. Truth is offered within the self-modification processors of the Self (e.g. mind, body, spirit, soul). Elsie’s scientific formula, The Self-Love Model and EB’s behavior change theory was created to extend the life expectancy of all cultures and people groups. E. Blass takes you to the next level as she produces programs, workshops, e-books and more. One-on-one coaching sessions and therapy is provided to give additional support and quick results.

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Smart Love Moves

A podcast for everyday living



Live and recorded audio teaching available for growth. Topics include, relationships, self-love, sex, health, nutrition, emotional intelligence, business, and teachings for trainers, coaches and physicians.

Healing For After The Breakup
25.00 every week for 6 weeks

Coaching + Therapy Packages

One-on-one coaching sessions are between 60 minutes and can be up to 2 hours in length. This depends on the package that the client chooses. Weekly sessions are mandatory and each client must commit to working together between 3-6 months.

Tools, resources, and life and love phenomenons are broken down into easy to learn tips and tools. Your relationship with people, places, and things are explored here in a safe environment. You’ll learn how to identify safe and unsafe people in this tailored made coaching experience.

3 Day retreat Packages

A three day retreat is designed to give you a two day intensive of learning tools and concepts, healing is explored and completed throughout our time together, restoring of the Self is given by Elsie to enhance your knowledge and recovery. If you’re just needing someone to bring you back to life, this is also a great option.

Retreats are offered for healing from a breakup, provoking behavior change, healing a current relationship, health and fitness goals, business increase and dealings, and any life or love related topics.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee